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  1. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    My new-to-me Cayenne has 134,000 miles on it. I was going to cap the mileage for prospective vehicles at 100K (plenty of nice Cayennes out there with that sort or lower miles) but it looks really, really nice. Clearly the interior has held up better than a comparable Land Rover, for instance...
  2. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    I was on the way to look at a Turbo and was driving through a small Texas town and a small local dealer had the gray one that I bought. A little more mileage than I had originally planned, and a base 6 cylinder car, but I also paid roughly 1/3rd the asking price for the Turbo. There are some...
  3. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Good to see there is some discussion still going on here. I picked up a gray basic early Cayenne about a week ago and so far I have been very, very impressed. One thing that I did discover is that I got onto one of our more notorious heavily-potholed oil field roads that has a speed limit of...
  4. Teflon

    Wrangler "completely new in 2017"

    That's the perfect description of a Land Rover Defender. Too bad they are going out of production. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Interesting. I pulled the engine out of my 914 when I was in college. Got it back in, too, and got the car running again but that was a long time ago ;) Thanks. I will probably look a little harder at an early Cayenne. One issue is that despite finding that thread about identifying the cars...
  6. Teflon

    "The Oasis of my Soul"... a Lifelong Journey on the road...

    Be safe Ara! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  7. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Interesting! Thanks! I just remember how expensive the old 928s were to maintain. The idea of another V8 Porsche sorta gave my heart a few skips ;) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Until you have to maintain one ... ;) All kidding aside I found a thread over on the Rennslist forum about identifying the PB1-4 off road package and other relevant things. Looking at Autotrader there are a handful of 1st generation Cayenne's with the off road package if I wanted to do a fly...
  9. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Thanks! I was hoping for something that swept over the headlights but it's better than nothing. You guys with experience with Cayennes ... What breaks after 100K on the early models? Just in case I try a nationwide search for one with skid plates and such?
  10. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Cole, did you get the diesel? I am intrigued by the dual battery setup. And I see your point about the Cayenne being near perfect, particularly if you option it right. If my pockets were deeper (and they were once; I bought a new Carrera back in the late 80's and that was my third Porsche)...
  11. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    Porsche seems to offer a fairly extensive array of off road skid plates and suspension modifications. The first generation M-class was considered to be the next generation G-wagon and were build on a truck chassis with a proper two-speed transfer case. The reality for travel into most of...
  12. Teflon

    where are the Porsche cayenne expo builds?

    I was kinda wondering the same thing. I keep looking at Cayenne's, M-Class Mercedes, and X5 BMWs to run around Texas roads and sprint back East and over to New Orleans, as well as something that I can use for trips into Mexico (and yeah, I have already seen in your other posts that you are...
  13. Teflon

    Next Generation Defender must be "more desirable to look at"

    Since Land Rover is owned by an Indian company (Tata Motors Limited) you would think that they would have a better feel for an industrial and agricultural vehicle. And just as a bit if trivia the earlier Series Land Rovers had power take offs either installed or at least had the opening in...
  14. Teflon

    Bear Grylls Clothing?

    I bought an orange "survival" knife with a windshield breaker on the end of the handle some time ago. It's labeled BG/Columbia and I think that it was shipped from Hong Kong. For the price it seems like excellent quality and I carried it around in the bottom of my panniers with my first aid...
  15. Teflon

    Truck Brake Service in Texas?

    Was reading your blog Nick and it sounds like you may still be in Texas. I hope that you have your issues solved. However, if you are still fishing for issues, may I make some suggestions. 1) One of the better non-dealership BMW motorcycle mechanics is Motohank who is in the little oilfield...
  16. Teflon

    Cummins Diesel frontier concept at chicago auto show

    I have heard several times that the Europeans are finding it harder to meet the US emissions standards than they did meeting Euro standards. There may be some element of BS here just because they are hedging their bets regarding the volume of engines they expect to sell in the USA but the moral...