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    Definitely Gone Off The Deep End F750 Camper

    Well, I all started back in July on an impromtu mini vacation with fiance and friends to go to Vegas. I also recently purchased a nice vw powered sandrail. My Ambulance has matured to the point I really didn't have any asperations to do more. I still love that truck but I was craving a new...
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    1984 CUCV M1010 Sold

    I am offering up one of only a few completed M1010's into campers around. This truck has been a labor of love. Sold Here are the Specs, 1984 Chevrolet Military CUCV M1010 Ambulance 20797 miles 6.2 Detroit Diesel w/Banks Turbo Transmission TH400 Gear Vendors Overdrive Skyjacker Suspension...
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    M1010 Expo Camper

    First of all thanks to these forums. I have been snooping a while never felt the need to post until now. Here is my CUCV M1010 I have been working on for the past year. I hope it is worthy to keep in these forums. I was inspired by Mike's landrover FC101 and since I am getting older sleeping...