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    What do you monitor with your Scangauge2?

    Been a while since I've spent any time here. And for now my Overland dreams have been scaled all the way down to a 2013 Chevy Traverse (at least it's AWD ;) ) pulling an old Coleman popup... Anyway, far from the 'build thread' I have always dreamed of, but you guys are definitely the most...
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    WANTED: OEM bumpers for '03 Ram 1500, Austin TX area

    About three months ago I bought a pristine '03 Dodge Ram 1500, and have since been hit twice. First rear-ended while sitting at a stop light two weeks after I bought it, now someone backed into the front while it was parked in the street. Much as I would love to trick it out, I just ain't got...
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    Technical Overshoes?

    Back when I worked in a Colorado mountain town (Woodland Park) I had a pair of Neos technical overshoes. It was great to be able to just pull 'em on over my office shoes and go for a hike over lunch... I even used 'em for snowshoeing, just pulling 'em on over my tennis shoes. Anyway, I sold...
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    There are a bunch of S&S LMTVs (cab-over 4x4 trucks) on Government Liquidation

    I know these are controversial when it comes to overlander use, but thought I'd point out that there are several for sale right now.... LMTVs for sale on Government Liquidation Caveat Emptor, and all that...
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    1998 International 4800 DT466E AWD Crewcab on Government Liquidation

    1998 International 4800 DT466E AWD Wire Service Truck Imagine the possibilities...
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    Phone as input device for tablet

    I think I've asked this before, quite a while ago, but maybe it's time to ask again... The more proficient I get with thumb typing on my (android) phone (I'm a late adopter), the more I think it would be convenient to be able to use my phone as a Bluetooth keyboard for my tablet. Especially...
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    Land Rover Defender 110 - $19500 (Austin, Texas)

    Ran across this on the local CL and thought someone here might be interested. No connection, yadda yadda.
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    Where are the deals?

    I had a CJ7 Laredo for about 4 years, and loved it... Made the stupid mistake of selling it to buy a more 'highway friendly' vehicle while stationed in California. Stupidest thing I've ever done. Well, actually, I regret selling most of the cars I've had in the past. The '74 Camaro, the '85...
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    Any experience with ceramic non-stick pans?

    Like the title says, any comments on these pans I see everywhere with the ceramic coating on the inside? Surely someone has tried 'em...
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    DIY wash station

    Hi all, I haven't been on the forum in forever, but thought I'd log in real quick and share a washstation I set up for an upcoming Girl Scout campout. I had seen several on the web that are variations of this basic design, but my contribution is to use rectangular buckets that both nest and...
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    Advice on potlifter restro...

    I'll say up-front, this may be really trivial to some of you. If yes, feel free to move along... :) A couple of years ago I picked up this really cool camping pot handle (or so I thought. More on that later, if you care to stay with me...) When I got it, it looked just like this picture I...
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    Is this a Dormobile? (Westfalia)

    Just noticed this on the Austin area CL. I don't know V-dubs, but is that a Dormobile top? Correction. My google image fu suggests it's a Westfalia top. Text from ad: No connection, yadda yadda, just thought someone here might be interested.
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    Ground plane question, antenna length question

    Hi all, Quick question 1: Does the ground plane have to be one contiguous piece of metal? Quick question 2: Is there a minimum length for coax? Longer explanation: I'm thinking of building a 'module' that would drop in an opened sunroof (and be clamped in place, of course). Antennas mounted on...
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    Marine alcohol / electric cooktop

    I know we have had a lot of discussion on the pros and cons of propane and diesel cooktops, but I haven't seen much discussion on alcohol cooktops, and don't recall any discussion on the combo units. So, I'm soliciting the views of anyone with experience with such units. Seems to me: Pros...
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    Best looking Deuce I've ever seen, on eBay

    Haven't seen this posted elsewhere, so had to share... Someone please buy this thing and do a build thread:
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    1983 MANN (sic) M1014 8x8 on eBay

    Link If I sold one of my daughters, not only would I solve the seating issue (reducing the requirement to three), but I might could afford new tires for this rig.
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    '95 S&S LMTV 2.5 ton Cab-over 4x4 on GL.

    I mentioned this on Mr. Hackney's (mostly) thread, but thought I'd duplicate it here. I mean, I'd hate for this truck to go un-noticed. I'd have to buy it for the opening bid of $150, and I have no idea how I would get it home or where I would put it... :) surplus S&S LMTV on Government...
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    Austin area Land Rover SeriesSomething 110ish

    Sorry, don't have any details, but I thought someone here might want to check into a LR I spotted sitting in the back of a lot south of Austin, TX along I35. You may be able to pick out the white LR in the back of the pic. Hopefully you could get some info from the phone number (should be 512...
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    1990 Doka Unimog, fast axles, turbo diesel, winch, $75,000

    May be the 'holy grail' for some folks around these parts: Listed on Commercial Truck Trader No connection, yadda yadda...
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    Sportsmobile Fuso

    When I heard that Sportsmobile was doing a Fuso chassis, I was really anxious to see what they came up with. Now having seen the pix on the OX12 threads, I have to say I'm kind of disappointed. Seems like all they did was basically winch a Trailmanor SportDeck trailer up on the Mitsu chassis...