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  1. Storz

    RCI or Hot Metal Fab Rack

    Howdy Looking to get a low profile bed rack for my '18 Silverado in order to mount a 72" 23 Zero RTT. I have mostly narrowed my choices on bed racks to either: RCI 12" or the Hot Metal Fab Low Profile...
  2. Storz

    Low height bed rack?

    Ideas for a low height bed rack for mounting a RTT? Ideally I'd like to be able to continue to use my roof rack with a paddle board while the RTT is collapsed.
  3. Storz

    Bed Rack Tent 2018 Silverado?

    Looking for suggestions for a bed rack and RTT for my Silverado. Would like something to sleep 4 (two kids) and would be lower than the roofline of the truck when folded. We have a Yakima roof rack on the cab for carrying paddle boards. Thanks!
  4. Storz

    [Michigan] 2005 Cadillac Escalade $7000

    $7000 2005 Cadillac Escalade 214k miles 6.0 AWD 345hp/385tq Two owner vehicle, very clean inside and out. No accidents, non smoker. Long list of updated and new parts since I purchased the vehicle in December of 2016 from the original owner. Truck runs and drives great. Includes third row...
  5. Storz

    Rancho or KYB for GMT800

    About to pull the trigger on some new shocks for the Escalade, I am converting it to a passive system and getting rid of the autoride. Budget is tight so Bilsteins are out of the equation unfortunately. I have mostly narrowed my search down to either the Rancho RS5000 or KYB Gas-A-Just shocks...
  6. Storz

    GM LQ9 Maintenance Items

    Hey guys, I just bought a one owner 2005 Cadillac Escalade with the 6 liter LQ9 and want to go through the truck and do all of the basic maintenance items. What do you guys recommend for plugs, wires, oil, filter, trans fluid, diff fluid, air filter etc etc Thanks!
  7. Storz

    WTB: SUV or Pickup

    Close to metro Detroit a bonus. 4 door 4wd SUV or Pickup. 6k budget. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  8. Storz

    Thoughts on this 4Runner?

    In the market for an SUV and came across this. Thoughts?
  9. Storz

    99-06 Montero Quetions

    Howdy. I will be in the market for an SUV in the 6k range in the next few week and had a few questions about the 99-06 Montero. Any major issues to look out for? Have these vehicles aged well? Timing chain or belt? (interval/interference if belt? Always liked the way they look there are quite a...
  10. Storz

    WTB: 2005+ Nissan Xterra

    With the year long VW buyback saga nearly over I am now in the market for a vehicle, we have decided to get a 2nd Gen Xterra. If you have one, or a lead on one let me know! Bonus points for being close to SE Michigan. I have a budget of 6k and would prefer a manual trans, though its not a...
  11. Storz

    1967 Nissan Patrol $2500

    On the Detroit craigslist
  12. Storz

    October Canoe Trip

    Thought I would share some pictures from a little canoe trip a friend and I did over the weekend. These are from the Proud Lake Recreation Area in SE Michigan, and along the Huron River to just north of Kent Lake Car loaded up at 6am, 44* temp Hit the water at about 6:40 Proud Lake...
  13. Storz

    Tell me about the Jeep Commander

    Future VW cheater diesel buyback coming my way, want an SUV. Always like the Jeep Commanders, poking around on CL with my 7-7500 dollar budget it appears I can get one with around 100-150k miles, the 4.7 V8 and of course 4wd. I know the 4.7 is a good motor from friends that have them in various...
  14. Storz

    Talk to me about canoes

    Have gone canoeing a few times recently with my in-laws, they live on a nice river here in Michigan. Wife and I are thinking of purchasing one next year, we have two boys. Oldest is 4 and the youngest is 9 weeks, we want something that we can keep a lifetime and use as the boys grow. Use will...
  15. Storz

    2002+ Range Rovers - Educate Me

    All of my previous Land Rover vehicles have been older, and of the Discovery flavor. I had a '96 and an '02. Poking around on my local CL its amazing how affordable the 02+ Range Rover has now become. As my family is growing by 1 next month, and with the inevitable VW TDI buyback this summer I...
  16. Storz

    Titan Long-term reliability

    Howdy all, been off the forums for a while but as the family grows my need (ok want ;)) for a truck grows as well. Planning to make a purchase later this year and the Titans caught my eye. I like the looks, the size and the interior a lot, however I've read mixed reviews on reliability so I...
  17. Storz

    Kelty Adventure Child Carrier

    In excellent shape, we just don't use it that much. Includes original manual etc. Asking $80 plus shipping. *cute baby not included
  18. Storz

    Tell me about the LR2

    Is it as horrible as its predecessor? Will it brake lock the differentials when a wheel is lifted? How does it do in sand with no low range? Reliability? Thanks! :sombrero:
  19. Storz

    Tentsile Stingray Tent

    Check this thing out Pretty neat, but a bit pricey at $1350
  20. Storz

    Hiking boots?

    I need some ideas for a decent hiking boot in the $150 range, normally I wear a pair of trail shoes for any hiking that I do. However this summer I'll be carrying my son in a Kelty child carrier, and with the extra weight, I want more support and ankle roll protection. Hikes are almost always...