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  1. Richie

    Goose Lake, NM

    2018 brought only one camping trip for me. Thankfully it was to my favorite spot in NM. I've now been camping at Goose for over 10 years. At 11,600ft it's the perfect getaway from the summer heat of New Mexico. Out if all the times I've been there, this was pry the best camping trip. Weather was...
  2. Richie

    Cabezon Peak, NM

    This was a short day trip back in July. My two kids were out of town and I had just had the lift instslled on my 4Runner and was anxious to get it dirty. It was just the wife and I so the exploring in a muddy area was kept somewhat close to the highway just in case. Cabezon Peak is a spot I had...
  3. Richie

    Finally got myself a 4Runner

    I bought it a month ago for $3k. It's a '93 3.slow V6 auto with 150k. It is a bit slower than I'm used to, but loving it so far nevertheless. I put on the BFG's, fixed a overheating problem caused by the radiator and got new brakes. Eventually I'll be taking off the running boards and lifting...
  4. Richie

    Looking to purchase a 2nd generation 4Runner

    So I just sold my S10 and I would like to get a 2nd generation(90-95) 4Runner. There are a few in the ABQ area now available that have just around 100k miles for around $5k. I do want to go a few months just driving the wife's car since she's on maternity leave, but I'm still having fun looking...
  5. Richie

    '76 K5 Blazer w/23k original miles in ABQ, NM I'd love to buy it but I just had a baby and would need something a bit more gas friendly
  6. Richie

    Rio Puerco, NM

    This is a popular atv/dirt bike/jeeping play area just to the west of ABQ. The trails are mainly sand with a few rocks here and there. There really isn't one trail to fallow and that's the fun with it. Beautiful 360 views of the area definitely add to the experience. We were out there just a...
  7. Richie

    Ghost town of Hagan, NM

    This past Sunday I took the wife a short 15 minutes north of Albuquerque to an area I've been wanting to check out for some time now. The road we took delivered some great views of the countryside and took us by the ghost town of Hagan. Enjoy the pics. Because of the private property, we...
  8. Richie

    Camping near El Rito, New Mexico 4/23-25th

    Last weekend a few friends and I headed up to the El Rito campground in northern NM. I've heard the area is a lot of fun to take a 4x4. There was multiple river crossings and forest roads that branched off from the main road. Throw in mud from melting snow and it made for a blast! :smiley_drive...
  9. Richie

    Cedro Peak, NM

    My buddy Izzy and I headed to a local trail called Cedro Peak. It's just outside of Albuquerque in the southern foothills of the Sandia mountains. Neither of us expected much snow to be on the ground but to our surprise there was about a foot in some spots. We had a blast. The trailhead...
  10. Richie

    Day drive through northern NM

    Last week the wife and I took a short drive north of ABQ and ended up just south of Chama. Here are some pics. Abiquiu Lake This is the Ghost Ranch area. Unfortunately I don't think there are any OHV roads through these mesa's.
  11. Richie

    Monticello Canyon 9/6/2009

    I took a short 3 hour drive southwest from Albuquerque to this popular trail. If it wasn't for the canyon sides which consisted mostly of steep rock, it would be easy to get lost becuase the creek is the trail in some stretches inside the canyon. It was a blast and was worth the long drive...
  12. Richie

    El Malpais National Monument, eastern NM

    The wife and I drove 90 minutes west of town to El Malpais(badlands in spanish) a few weeks ago. Its volcanic features include jagged spatter cones, a lava tube cave system extending at least 17 miles, and fragile ice caves. Unfortunately we didn't have much time to explore any caves. But here...
  13. Richie

    Goose lake 2 years later

    This past weekend I took the wife with some friends and headed north for some camping. I was at Goose lake 2 years ago and you might remember I posted pics of that trip. We had a blast. It was my wife's first camping trip and she absolutely loved it. By far my favorite camping in New Mexico...
  14. Richie

    Camping along the Rio Grande

    A month ago 2 friends and I headed up to northern NM along the Rio Grande river for some camping and fishing fun. Here some pics. We took my buddies Silverado My first Rainbow trout. I was pretty excited.:wings:
  15. Richie

    A drive through the Jemez(lots of pics)

    A few weeks ago the wife and I went for a drive through the Jemez mountains in central NM about 45 minutes northwest from Albuquerque. We ended up in the Tent Rocks national monument. The Sandia mountains just to the east of Albuquerque. Red rocks and sand Battleship Rock Soda Dam The Z...
  16. Richie

    Goose lake in northern NM

    Just became a member of this site and thought I'd post an adventure of mine. This is Goose lake in the Red River area in northern New Mexico. This was June of '07. The lake is 11,600ft in elevation. One of the high peaks in the area. Still a lot of white stuff. The trail up is...