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    Jeep JK Seat

    I have a 2009 JKU Jeep Wrangler. I need the front passenger factory seat. The factory color is gray. I also need the seat to body mount. I am located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. If you have any leads that will work also. Thank you, Da Frenchman
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    "Tracks To Tomorrow" Medical Form for Everyone

    This will be a standard forum we will use on every event. This will have a link in each Posting Thread to the form. This can be used by all of us all of the time. It may save your life. If it does not you will not know about it. Why do we need this? We never plan our day with a emergency or...
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    “ROF’s Shake-up "Baja 2020” "

    As the group gets back home we can get working on the Baja 2020 report. The about 5 week adventure got Baja all shook-up! Details to follow. It was a big experance for some. We also added a new member to the group (even if we bent the rules a little).
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    Overland, off roading and trailer buyers

    Hello, All overland, off roading and trailer buyers in general, A serious subject with the cold hard facts and a lighter side. I will post this up in sections as people want the world in 90 seconds. Doing this if you want you can stop reading a section and come back when you need more, or if...
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    Tires and hot air!

    Why do you deflate your tires? Is it full of hot air? It could be! This is a statement just to get your attention. This has been discussed almost to death. How low do I go with my tire pressure? I will go to the dead bottom and work my way up. I have a vehicle with tires on it, so how low do I...
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    Copper Canyon the end

    Hi Everyone, Your welcome too our adventure wrap-up and I hope that you have enjoyed all of my Copper Canyon stories. These are the prospective of mine and not necessarily of the others. The way I see things may not be the same way people see the same thing. I have tried to make the experience...
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    “Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon 2018”

    Welcome to our thread on “Sierra Madre, Copper Canyon 2018” adventure. I have posted this earlier as some people will take a week or more to just getting to out meeting location. We can post up their experiences about the adventure which started many months ago. This will include our post...
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    Google Earth PRO Computer edition (not smart phone)

    Question on Google Earth PRO Computer edition. Is there a person out there who knows how to very simply explain to this simpleton (me)? A way to post in a email,a route to another person. It needs to be explained to a non-computer geek person (me again). I have finally figured out to create and...
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    Copper Canyon, Mexico Map Source

    Excellent Mexico Map Source! Copper Canyon area map! I have been looking on and off for the old maps that I used. I had not seen them in over 4 years for sale new. Just by luck this morning (2-9-2018) I have found a source, for the maps. They had 11 of the maps in stock. when I talked to Mark...
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    Copper Canyon, Mexico

    My history with Barrancas del Cobre! In the heart of the Sierra Madre Occidental Mountains of Mexico. My first adventure into Barrancas del Cobre “Copper Canyon” was with a wild group called “The Fukarwe Touring Tribe”. This was a group I was invited to join in the...
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    ROF's Canada & Alaska 2017

    This is our ongoing report of the antics, adventures of the ever changing group of adventure seekers into the great north. We are starting out with 3 vehicles meeting in Utah, USA. The plans we have are written in beach sand. That being with each wave the beach will have a different look and...
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    ROF's A different New Mexico!

    I got in a little over a hour ago (10 PM). The group only has 20 miles left to go of the 1,200 on and off-road mile adventure. I left at the camp site for the night driving back to the house. I need to get prepared for the Canada and Alaska adventure. I need to be on the road Friday, and truck...
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    Where is th Beef .....Basin

    Well is the beef is still safe? The "Retired Ol' Farts" did it again! The group meet at Sand Island for the adventure into the canyons, mountains, plateaus to find the beef. After introductions we got down to business, stories, fables and general bull (after all this is a beef hunt). We talk...
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    Mexico 2017 adventure news!

    Mexico 2017 adventure news! The good and bad news from the last adventure in Mexico. The group of 8 vehicles loaded with explorers returned safely. We had a exciting adventure into the mountains of the Sierra Madre & Copper Canyon. The beauty and splendor was all around us. The untouched...
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    ROF's Face Death ....... Valley Report

    #1 Getting there Why do we make plans, just to do something else? Well that is what I get for planning. I was going to take 2 days to get to Death Valley (DV). I would drive half way and spend the night at a very close friend’s place. I get a call from his as I was about to call...
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    Canyons to Cactus 2016 Copper Canyon

    This account of the adventure is written to the best of my recollection. The names of those who attended may be changed to protect the bosses from knowing they were not on a business trip for the company, as they said they were! I will let the participants introduce themselves and you will get...
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    Tacoma, 4Runner, TRD, PRO, Education

    This has been a interesting and educating experience for myself. Having decided that it was time for a new vehicle and looking at direction where I am headed. I have decided on a new Toyota. This brought me to doing research into what I wanted and what is available. I had to decide where it fit...
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    DE V The truth, the story and the experance!

    This is a overland, over and under water adventure (for some)! Join us as we visit the plains, mountains, valleys and canyons. All good and bad stories have to start at some place! This is written through crossed eyes, broken glasses and a warped mind. If you have a child type of mind you have...
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    Ol Farts get the perfect “Copper Tan”! Teaser!

    This is just a quick overview (teaser) of the adventure into the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. The goal is to experience and see the treasures of Copper Canyon (Barrancas Del Cobre). Only the names of the guilty will be used and only the innocent will be left out to save embarrassment (for...
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    Ol’ Farts, Ride Again, Colorado Style

    The adventure story is written a couple of weeks after it ended. The facts are the facts! The story is the story! At the beginning. As usual the adventure started only when it started. I arrived a day before the others at Ace's house. This was nice as I got to spend time getting to know...