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  1. Cabrito

    Secure the ladder to the ground?

    Does anybody secure the ladder to the ground? My search-fu must be weak.. I haven't been able to find anything. I recently got a FrontRunner RTT and depending on the location sometimes the ladder just barely reaches the ground. Maybe I need to get an extension. I feel like the bottom...
  2. Cabrito

    Wedco Pre-CARB spout gaskets -- Where can I find new ones?

    Does anyone know where to get new Filler Nozzle gaskets for Wedco's? I've been using the nato style Wedco fuel cans for almost ten years now. One of my filler Nozzle gaskets started to dry and crack so it doesn't seal anymore. I think it was from storing on my roof rack in a plastic tube and...
  3. Cabrito

    Cabrito's 2002 Honda XR400R

    Just bought this nice little gem. It's plated in CA! 2002 Honda XR400R I'm going to use it for local ADV rides, and built it up a bit for Baja. After taking my KLR to Baja I decided I need a small dirty bike so this is it. One of my friends had one in Baja and he was always in the lead...
  4. Cabrito

    goTenna Interesting device. Up to 50 miles of communication (according to the website) using your smart phone/device using Bluetooth. From their website: Sounds like it could be handy on some of my motorcycle rides, but beyond that I'm not sure...
  5. Cabrito

    Trip planning advice for Prescott, AZ to San Francisco, CA

    Am I nuts? Is this crazy? I'm helping my friend move to Prescott , AZ in mid to late August, and thinking about riding my KLR back to SF. I'd take thee days to do it. Is this a foolhardy idea given the time of year and probable temps in the high 90's and above? I would be taking secondary...
  6. Cabrito

    SOLD – 1948 TISON TRAILER – Vintage / Antique

    SOLD on local craigs list.. 1948 Tison Trailer
  7. Cabrito

    Where did you ride today on your Motorcycle?

    How about a thread of quick day rides or overnighters that might not be worthy of a whole trip report? Show us your day trips! :bike_rider:
  8. Cabrito

    SOLD FS Wolfman Bottle Holsters

    SOLD I have two Wolfman Bottle Holsters. SOLD sold Used and dirty. One is more dirty than the other. Excellent condition. Fully Functional
  9. Cabrito

    SOLD Single Jerry Can Holders for 20L Wedco SOLD

    Update: - SOLD SOLD Single Jerry Can Holder for 20L Wedco Some light scuffs from storage and very light use. It's just like the EE ones here, but with different latches. It might be EE, but I'm not totally sure. I don't have any 20L cans so this should go to someone who can use it.
  10. Cabrito

    Camping Pads , Cots, Ect.. What are you motorcycle riders using?

    What's everyone using for Sleeping pads? What keeps you comfortable on the road. What works and what does not work? I went for the LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot These things are spendy, but for me is one of the best things I've bought for MC camping. I've...
  11. Cabrito

    Cabrito's 1948 Tison Trailer

    This 1948 Trailer was originally sold in San Francisco (my home town) This makes it super cool to me. The plan - Eventually convert to a newer torsion or possibly a leaf spring suspension. Rebuild the frame and use it for camping and light hauling. So far the only thing I've done is pull...
  12. Cabrito

    ALL SOLD - Cabrito's Garage Sale 2013 RotoPax, Mt Khakis ect..

    New items added June 15 / some prices lowered. SOLD. And shipped Rotopax 1G with Aluminum Mount and L Bracket w/mounting bolts. New/Unused plus shipping SOLD and shipped. Primus Eta Power MF Stove - SOLD This one is barely used. Comes with everything pictured except for the fuel bottle...
  13. Cabrito

    Cabrito's 2011 FJ Cruiser - NSSE

    My new rig.. Just brought it home yesterday. 6k miles on it. It was a dealer Demo that the owner was driving around for the past few months. I LOVE IT! Poor old FJ62 is going to get sold now...
  14. Cabrito

    FS Overland Rally Hollister Full package w/ camping

    For sale - OR&W-CA-Single-2011 4WD Vehicle + Driver Full Event Pass (Including classes, camping and nighttime activities) OR&W CA 2011 Unfortunately I have a few too many adventures lined up for October. A four day Adventure Motorcycle trip that I'm taking might conflict with the Rally. I...
  15. Cabrito

    BRD redshift Electric SuperMoto launch party in San Francisco

    Not exactly Expedition related, but I thougt some would find this interesting. I went to the BRD redshift Electric SuperMoto launch party in San Francisco tonight. It's a home grown company of just a few guys and this is the prototype. They had about 300 people show up. Charlie Rauseo...
  16. Cabrito

    SOLD For sale - VDEG - Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide, Version 2.1

    SOLD One copy of the Vehicle Dependent Expedition Guide, Version 2.1 It's in great shape - Needs to go to a good home.
  17. Cabrito

    New Corbin seat

    I'm lucky to live near enough to the Corbin seat factory to take advantage of their ride in service. My friend Tim rode in this morning from Sacramento to ride out there with me. Tim put over 400 miles on the clock today. I think he is addicted to riding his KLR The Corbin Factory is really...
  18. Cabrito

    Spot GPS Messenger $99 right now at Bestbuy Even cheaper in the store

    I noticed Bestbuy having a sale on the silver and black model of the Spot Messenger, and when I went in the store to buy one in person they had them for $56!
  19. Cabrito

    **SOLD** 33x10.5x15 BFG MT's for sale (six of the old style MT's)

    SOLD SOLD SOLD - Six 33x10.5x15 BFG MT's