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  1. Camelfilter

    5.11 Tactical pants at Mesa Thrift Store - $5 each

    Nice find on the 5.11's OP! Good tip on the Costco's, I'll have to see if any of our locals have some in store next we're in for a shop. As for 5.11 pants, I've taken to wearing there "Stryke" pant fir everyday wear. Rip stop stain/water restant coated, with a nicely flexible waist band...
  2. Camelfilter

    WTB - Campfire in a can

    If you have the space in your truck, Lowes has a portable propane fire pit looks to be ?1 1/2 to 2 x the size of the Camco. Nice unit, I think I paid $89 for it on special. This guy here:
  3. Camelfilter

    M101a2 for sale

    Looks pretty decent & nicely priced. Someone's going to get a good deal. GLWS!
  4. Camelfilter

    do indoor shooting ranges allow you to film yourself shooting ?

    Just ask. Some folks may have a concern in regards to whom & exactly what you are recording. I personally wouldn't want to be recorded on someone's u-tube, without my OK.
  5. Camelfilter

    Scepter gas cans

    Recieved mine today, excellent. Thanks!
  6. Camelfilter

    AT combo fridge slide w/partner steel stove Bend OR

    Long shot, but do you have a need (or interest) in my MWE bike rack I have for sale as partial trade? Could deliver out to you this weekend...
  7. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    -Bump- & adding partial trade ideas (see above post #26): 100W solar panel, flexible single sheet or bi-fold hard type (I have a controller). Or perhaps a dual battery charging system. To charge my house battery in the bed of my pickup from its starting battery. Thanks!
  8. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    Gave it some thought & price lowered to $550! Low as I'll go, will not split it up nor ship though. ...would make a great Father's Day gift! :)
  9. Camelfilter

    PVC sleeping platform in a 2010 Xterra X

    That's a pretty slick set-up!
  10. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    I haven't changed the asking price, I've been off the site for about the year & storage space isn't an's not like it will go bad. LOL! Feel free to pm me an offer, but I likely will not budge much.
  11. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    -Bump- ...I'm now considering trades or partial trades (over or under). Things I'm wanting: Ammo, nothing special: 115gr or 124gr 9mm, .223 & 22LR - similar. I might consider an AR series, a Mini 14 or 30, MAYBE an SKS type, or a simple 12g (think Benelli Nova or the like). For any weapon as...
  12. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    -Bump- ...I've been off of this site for a while, sorry I missed the folks who've pm'd me about this. Oops! Anyways-I'm obviously not a motivated seller-plenty of storage space.
  13. Camelfilter

    FWC Purchase and Camper Prep for Tennessee To Argentina Road Trip

    Neat, thanks for the updates. On your jack-cover it & grease it when you can, or it will be zero use when you need it. Can you jack your truck with the camper on using it? Try it, make sure your bumpers are built for it. Most stockers are not. If you can jack it up, bring a "landing pad" for...
  14. Camelfilter

    Frankenstein Express Van

    Area code 337, then look at the sign in the picture.
  15. Camelfilter

    R50 Nissan Pathfinder vs. Gen3 Mitsubishi Montero vs. Gen3 Toyota 4Runner

    You might think about including the QX4 as well. Same platform as the R50, some more interior niceties as well. Depending upon your search area the Q's might be in much better condition (higher percentage garaged, perhaps lower mileage etc etc). Least ways that what it seems here in the PNW. I...
  16. Camelfilter

    Undercoating/Rust proofing R50 at 124k?

    Probably not worth your time to strip & undercoat, however you might give a look at an oil film. They're temporary, but might be worthwhile inside subframe boxes & difficult spots for the season. I'm thinking along the lines of using some "fluid film" brand aerosol on my Titan, as I can pick it...