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  1. Camelfilter

    Truck bed tent for short bed full size. Portland OR. $269 OBO.

    Not mine, no affiliation etc etc.
  2. Camelfilter

    1986 Bobed MA Deuce, multi fuel 14K miles, $9,000ish. Salem OR.

    Not mine, no affiliation etc etc... 1986 Bobed MA Deuce, multi fuel 14K miles, $9,000ish. Salem OR. According to the add, seller also has a fiberglass box for the rear for sale. Would make for a nice rig!
  3. Camelfilter

    1990 Diesel Nissan Crewcab near Portland OR.

    Not mine etc etc. Check out that sellers other oddball diesel imports as well!
  4. Camelfilter

    FWC with 2003 Ford F-250, $15000, Bend OR

    Not mine etc etc.
  5. Camelfilter

    1994 Mitsubishi Montero LS

    Not mine, but I am interested in what Montero folks think about this year & the options it has. High mileage as well, what would be a decent offer on it & things to look out for etc...I had an '88 2 door 4 cylinder stick way back in the day. Extremely capable little jeep. How might these...
  6. Camelfilter

    Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero), diesel RHD

    Not mine etc etc.. There's also a RHD diesel Nissan Patrol up on the Portland Craigslist for around $18K.
  7. Camelfilter

    Forest River R-Pod?

    Hey there, I'm staying short term over in Dallas Oregon, and it looks like Forest River has there manufacturing facility here. Looks like that "R Pod" trailer would convert pretty easily to a higher suspension. Off-road capable? That I don't know, but I did a quick webby, and those...
  8. Camelfilter

    2000W Kipor inverter/generator $450 - local Boston

    Local, must pick up in Dedham. $450 2000W Kipor inverter / generator. Pretty low noise Honda clone. Thanks!
  9. Camelfilter

    Coleman golf cat heater $50 - local Boston.

    Local sale, must pickup in Dedham. Found this while packing, had forgot about it. Will probably be available for another week or so before it gets packed up. Exactly like this. Pic of actual unit: No idea where the plastic cup holder insert thing ran off to...
  10. Camelfilter

    Free: 2 7G, 1 4G reliance water cubes. Local-Boston

    Free: Must take all 3, & must pick up in Dedham. 2 - 7 gallon 1 - 4 gallon Blue reliance water storage cubes, with the reliance spouts. In near new condition. The 4 gallon I received for free & never had a chance to use it. I used 1 of the 7g ones twice...maybe. The other 7g one I've never...
  11. Camelfilter

    Cadac safari chef grill - $60 local - Boston

    -SOLD- Cadac safari chef grill - $60 local - Boston. Must pick up in Dedham. Pretty good condition, used it a bit last season, then walked into an awesome deal for a Coleman grill/griddle/burner combo. Thanks!
  12. Camelfilter

    Trekker fold a privy, $40 local-Salem OR.

    Trekker fold a privy <- found this while going thru my gear as I'm packing - $40. -will not ship, sorry! I never used it, never set it up outside, just in the house to see how difficult it is to pack back up. Takes a bunch of practice to do it easily, there's instruction videos somewheres on...
  13. Camelfilter

    1 Red MFC, 1 tan WFC, 1 MFC spout, 1 SOLO WFC pump $100 local-Salem OR

    -Must buy all, must pick up in Salem- The MFC spout is a homemade one I bought off of the eBay. Never used it. The MFC is in fair condition, slight weeping when on my truck & full. Probably needs a new gasket (see note on my latest update post though on that...). The lid strap is cracked &...
  14. Camelfilter

    Land rover defender diesel d100 project - $3500 (Uxbridge)

    Not mine yadd yadda... Land rover defender diesel d100 project - $3500 (Uxbridge)
  15. Camelfilter

    My flippac Slo sails fly is for sale.

    Sorry for the double post, but probably more relevant here... I have my forest green Slo Sails fly listed up for sale over in the for sale forum. Thanks!
  16. Camelfilter

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $650.

    FS: Salem Oregon, MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $550. -SOLD--SOLD--SOLD-6/30/2016 For sale, local Salem Oregon area: MWE swing out hitch mounted bike rack $550. Edit 6/19/16: Price lowered to $550! ---(looks like we can no longer edit titles of threads, so I'll just leave the...
  17. Camelfilter

    Portland OR area Craigslist: $250 (3 way) portable fridge

    This thing looks really neat, if it works! No affiliation to seller etc etc etc Dometic RC 400 LP 12v/110v (3 way) portable fridge Would be perfect for a trailer, or around camp. Looks like you could use a small LP bottle as well as plumb it. Don't know that I'd run it in my Flippac.
  18. Camelfilter

    7ft. scamper Boston CL, $250

    Boston craigslist, no affiliation etc etc: 7ft. scamper. 3.5ft over cab. style 0725, ...$250.00 or best offer.... No pictures, which is a bit concerning. I'm thinking it should be an 072"S" ? as I couldnt find any info online about an 0725...
  19. Camelfilter

    Feeler: Slo-Sails Flippac rainfly, green, 2 windows.

    --->Fly is SOLD!<--- sold 5/20/15, thanks! For sale-$325 shipped CONUS. (No longer a feeler, got my new fly...) A Slo-Sails rainfly for a Flippac. Has 2 windows, and the standard 4 vents. Has all of the buckles for straps, but is missing several of the webbing straps (standard ?1" webbing)...
  20. Camelfilter

    FS: studded snow tires-on Nissan rims local sale, Boston.

    04/29/15, PRICE LOWERED: $750 04/07/15, PRICE LOWERED: $800 Local sale, Boston area: $900 4 studded snow tires on OEM Nissan Titan rims (the 6 spoke silver Pro-4X style). I'm not sure what else they will fit, sorry. Hankook RW-11 ipikes, 275/65/R18. Includes TPMS sensors, the sensors are a...