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  1. Pacific Northwest yetti

    2017 Kenworth chase/box truck T370 Under 26k GVWR No CDL

    Bummer is not pre 2010'DEF Would make a awesome rig , found looking for a possible project, a solid contender though. " 2017 KENWORTH, T370, Medium Duty Trucks - Service Trucks / Utility Trucks / Mechanic Trucks, Paccar PX-9, Automatic, Nick named "The Beast". Ask for Steve Abrahams. One of...
  2. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Best settings-action camera- scenic drives

    I went back 12 pages, until most threads were 2015 last updated. Did not find what I was looking for, My question is pretty simple. I just want to do driving videos when I'm doing scenic routes, nothing crazy or fancy. For example, ill be on the Steens loop in the next few weeks and its...
  3. Pacific Northwest yetti

    2009 Kodiak 5500 Prisoner transport truck 17k

    Not mine, No affiliation 2wd
  4. Pacific Northwest yetti

    2005 Chevy express box truck- 95k miles. $9k

    Not mine found while perusing box truck listings, YEAR: 2005 Up for sale my 2005 Chevrolet express box truck, 75xxx original miles, ac/heater, this not your average truck, custom LED lights all...
  5. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Medications, and their expiration dates. DOD pegs it at 15 years past expiration.

    the most recent DOD study pegs it at 15 years......that being said the efficacy does/ can go down. Depending on storage conditions, and if the seal was broken or not. once something has hit its expiration date using it is against the MFGR recommendations. Just sharing some info, for those...
  6. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Additional dosages out of an Epi- Pen ( Auto-injector)

    I have included a video, and link for accessing extra dosses of Epi from a pen. Disclaimer* the video nor the article are mine. This is against the MFGR instructions, and should only be done by a professional in an emergency situation...
  7. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Yetti's 2009 V strom 650

    Well after a trip though Patagonia on a KLR 650 in November, Turned out I was hooked on moto's. Picked up this 2009 V strom 650, with 30k miles, she has been meticulously well taken care of, after picking it up last Thursday I have been riding every day since, It is well outfitted, I...
  8. Pacific Northwest yetti

    What size fuse for a Yeaseu 8900R

    I just re installed my radio's, but since I added HAM, used a secondary fuse box. The CB I used a 15amp fuse For the 8900R I have a 20amp. I know I could google it, but figured this would be a good place to start. What size fuses are you guys using for yours, Thanks Sent from somewhere...
  9. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Outfitter MFg sold

    Outfitter has been sold may be a good thing, Scott who bought it seems to have a lot of experience ( on paper) with successful products. I had had decent luck with getting parts from them in the past (...
  10. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Yetti's moto kit- small

    I recently took a month long motorcycle trip through Patagonia, Argentina and Chile. I was a extremely inexperienced rider. I always put some sort of medical kit together, this was for the trip. A few meds, bandages, TQ, NPA, trauma sheers, bandaids, Ortho wrap, tape, antiseptic creams, sting...
  11. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Camper pass through/ window boot.

    I was curious as to how many have them, and if they find them to be more trouble then they are worth. My primary thought being the possibility to slightly warm up or cool the camper when driving, or for the dog to stick his head through when he is back there. My current set up would require a...
  12. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Long box ram megacab.

    I worked with a vendor today, who had a long box mega cab dodge. Custom built: Sent from somewhere remote on my BlackBerry
  13. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Airbag maintenance/ lifespan starting to Crack at 120K

    Whilst replacing the decking on my flatbed, I noticed my driver side airbag is looking pretty rough. About 120K miles on them, and only have air in them when towing/hauling. They have had a rough life though, and only installed the cradles last spring. I will be replacing them. What have others...
  14. Pacific Northwest yetti

    2004 Chevy 6.0 Gasser- Aux fuel tank, just use a new " Diesel Tank" ?

    My truck has the small 25 gallon tank. It can be hard to find under bed aux tanks for gas. Other then it not being 100 legal for DOT- any harm in just getting a new diesel tank and using it with my gas rig? I know its been done, just not company approved. I am well aware of the...
  15. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Canvas/Vinyl Seam sealer.

    I have a 2007 Apex 8, I am wanting to reseal the seams on the pop up portions, What product, or how have you guys been doing to the seams in your campers? ( to be fair, it is not leaking- am looking for preventative) Thanks
  16. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Bedding, and beds in your campers- whats your system?

    I am going to have to replace the mattress in my Outfitter Apex, the previous owners did not take great care of it..and it has a " funk" I could always just get a 4+inch memory foam topper and use it as a mattress, or an actual RV mattress. The one in my fifth wheel is great, but the memory...
  17. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Educate me on the 3 way RV fridge.

    I have a 2007 outfitter Apex 8, that currently has the standard 3 way RV fridge. So 120, propane and 12 volt. I'm used to the other two, but am wondering about the 12volt portion. And why people pull them out, is the 12volt just really inefficient? Etc, I was planning on eventually...
  18. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Found On Craigs list, Portland- 2002 Northstar TC650- $3500

    No afiliation, but saw this on craigslist well looking for pop up truck campers, was on my short list until i went a difirent route. He does have the table for it, and it does have the hot water heater. Its a...
  19. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Yetti's 2007 Outfitter Apex project.

    Good Morning, I have been looking for a Northstar 850sc for quite some time. However this popped up on my craigslist search alert. I would like some advice and wisdom from you with more experience than i. I am looking at a used 2006 Outfitter Apex, @ about 5k. However it has a crack in the...
  20. Pacific Northwest yetti

    Yetti’s Pacific North West Exploration & Expeditions Picture heavy

    Yetti’s Pacific North West and others Exploration & Expeditions I have been a member of the forum for quite some time, and have never posted any trip threads. I decided it was time for a change, some of these will be old and will be comprised of mostly pictures as my writing has a lot to be...