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  1. Bbasso

    2013 E-350 trying to find turn signal wiring to tap into

    If you pull the tail light out, take a look at the colored wire and then find it in the footwear to tap into. Hope that helps. Yes, please post a write up for the mirror swap.
  2. Bbasso

    Zodi Hot Vent - Phoenix - sold

    Consider shipping, let me know please.
  3. Bbasso

    Victron SCC for smart watches?

    Well that kinda sucks... thanks for the info.
  4. Bbasso

    Victron SCC for smart watches?

    Just wondering what if... Is there a way to get some of the readouts on a smart watch? Maybe not so much about settings or changing things but just to see how current info. My setup: Victory 100/30 Note20 Samsung Gear S3
  5. Bbasso

    Best Fridge

    I bought a used engle mt45 5 years ago and still runs perfectly almost never unplugged in my van.
  6. Bbasso

    Econoline Aluminess Tire Carrier, Ladder and Smittybilt Defender Roof Rack $2200.00OBO

    Please email me a price for tire carrier and ladder? Also would need approx shipping cost to 28732. Thank you!
  7. Bbasso

    Super cheapo van build, it's my fourth E350...

    You're asking about my two guages?
  8. Bbasso

    New Here. Searching for the perfect camper van, looking for guidance

    Your electrical needs are high and will require a large $,$$$ budget. Imho the rest of your needs are reasonably obtained.
  9. Bbasso

    FOUND Vans For Sale!
  10. Bbasso

    In which pic?

    In which pic?
  11. Bbasso

    12VDC Fridge/Freezer Temps

    My Engle MT45 is set at 31 every day for the past 4 years with zero problems and min amount of draw on my solar system.
  12. Bbasso

    To those with chev express under hood light experience

    On my Ford van I used this To make my own automatic under the hood light. Works great and as simple as it gets.
  13. Bbasso

    2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)

    To truly know what all your appliances individual power needs are you would have to use a power meter such as victron bmv-712. You might get an approximation using a SCC, but it won't be precise.
  14. Bbasso

    2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)

    Typically hitting float only means you've in the 80 to 85% range of full capacity, the longer it sits at float the closer it will be 100% I've heard that its needs at float 4 to 7 hours to complete fill the battery. If you've done the basic math for your solar system and the draw of your...
  15. Bbasso

    2000 Ford 7.3L Motovan build (225's build cont'd)

    A few factors need to be accounted, SOC is one and how to clear the skies were... With my current setup which I changed yesterday from parallel to series my three 100wt panels are putting out very low amps because of the very cloudy day with light rain. (Victron 100/30 charge controller)
  16. Bbasso

    Need Advice on Sprinter Van in Roselle, IL!!!

    It's from the north = rust. I wouldn't.
  17. Bbasso

    Ambulance 2wd regear for lower noise and better fuel economy?

    Something to read.