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  1. 1leg

    Need coolant diagram for 352a

    I have a customer that is having a over heating issue, problem is the truck is to far away for me to see what he has. He wants to add a second radiator. The truck is not used for expedtion but on a farm. Anyone have a diagram of the coolant system I'm not convinced that a second radaitor is...
  2. 1leg

    Disabled Explorers needs your help in Los Angeles area April 9-11

    Disabled Explorers will be attending the Los Angeles Abilities Expo from April 9-11 2010 and we need your help. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow expedition portal member “1leglance” and take a tour of the “WAVE “ sportsmobile 4x4. Help in the following areas...
  3. 1leg

    DE on Facebook

    If your on facebook please join DE's facebook group. I will try and keep it updated with the latest DE news, pictures and events. Jerry
  4. 1leg

    1Leg’s 1989 Suburban

    Well I did it; I bought a full size Suburban. This truck will be less of a trail rig and more of a DD and Tow vehicle but I hope it will take me to some exciting and beautiful places, don’t worry she will see dirt often. The Jeep will be missed but it would not tow the size trailer I want to get...
  5. 1leg

    2007 Jeep wrangler X 2dr for sale 18,750 obo

    2007 Jeep wrangler X 2dr for sale 18,750 obo Dark green, 28,000 miles, soft-top only. Automatic transmission, Dana 44 rear w/LSD, 4.10 gears, towing package. 2.5 teraflex BB lift with Rubicon unlimited springs and shocks come out to about 3.5 inches. 255/85-16s BFG mud’s on stock steel wheel...
  6. 1leg

    Sleep in Jeep is Coming Back

    Today I got started on the new cargo box/drawer system for the Jeep. I will also build in a Sleeping platform that will go in place of the front passanger seat like i had before. See my Jeep thread Here I got started about 6:30 this morning. Hoooked up my little utility trailer and headed for...
  7. 1leg

    1leg's 2007 Jeep JK 2dr build and gear list

    I decided to create a whole new build and gear list tread for my 2007 Jeep JK. What it looked like after driving it home from the Jeep dealer. One of the first MODS. Yeasu 7800 install First Solo camping trip First camping trip with family and friends
  8. 1leg

    Garmin E Trex Vista HCx use w/Ozi Exploer

    I'm thinking about buy a new E Trex Vista HCx GPS unit for Hiking and Geocaching. Will I be able to use this unit as a gps receiver for Ozi explorer on my laptop in the Jeep. Or should I just have a stand alone semi-permanent Puck style unit for Ozi/laptop. Reason for the eTrex Vista HCx...
  9. 1leg

    J.J.J. in the AB

    Jerry(1leg) Jeremy(HMR) Justin(Gear) The Camp site: Little Blair Valley in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park A little wheeling to get there: Rodriquez canyon trail Jeep Flex Taco Flex AT Flex Camp site, Pals relaxing Learning to take pictures. D- Great Times! Thanks to Justin...
  10. 1leg

    Road trip to Joshua Tree NP

    I just had to get out of town this weekend. Not really off-road but an adventure to a place not seen before. Joshua Tree is the most handicap friendly park I have ever been too. I recommend Joshua Tree NP to all people with a disability. Map of the route Starts at 1st camp site Friday night...
  11. 1leg

    This came in my E-mail today

    TrackStick I think I would rather have a Spot. But if you didn't want a yearly/monthly Fee.
  12. 1leg

    Flush mount Valve-stems

    Anyone use these before.
  13. 1leg

    San Diego HAMs.

    Group of hams in San Diego
  14. 1leg

    Updated " ham Operator list"

    I have updated my post to include the IRLP an ECHOLINK nodes that i monitor. I will also add them to my signature. Thought it be cool if others did it too. List
  15. 1leg

    I want your repeater list.Arizona an Nevada

    Hi Arizona an Nevada hams. The ARRL book lists a lot of repeater but what i really want is the repeaters expo members monitor, and the repeaters you use out on the trail. I'm looking for Freq, offset, PL code, location, echo/IRLP node #. and which one you monitor most. plus your call sign. If...
  16. 1leg

    echolink NG

    Will i downloaded the program. Now I just need to learn how to use it. Anyone else got it? I have now glue what I'm doing.
  17. 1leg

    1leg's Trailer build.

    My Nephew's boy scout troop bought a new trailer so I bought there old one. I brought it home today. This build will take some time. I need to sale my 67 firebird before I can start an other project. In the end it should look something like this. I did not design this I'm coping...
  18. 1leg

    A Web Site For Mobile Amateur Radio Operators Wery good info..
  19. 1leg

    Outdoor Adventure Net

    FYI Web site
  20. 1leg

    Palomar Mountain Repeaters

    How many So-cal member can get Palomar Mountain Repeaters. Here is web site for the Palomar Ham Club There is a club meeting Wednesday night at the Carlsbad safety center. I'm thinking about going and joining, Dues are around 20 bucks a year.