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    Water shoes (not the crappy mesh/rubber ones)

    Looking for a suggestion on some "water shoes", and not the crappy ones that are all mesh on a rubber sole you slip into. I am looking for an actual shoe that designed for constant in and out of water. Salomon seems to have a few offerings: XA Amphib - Looks like a running shoe made for the...
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    Need help choosing new truck tire

    Hi guys, looking for advice from the truck experts as i am new to this... I currently have BF Goodrich A/T LT305/65R18 tires installed but the tread is pretty low and its time to replace them. They came on the truck with what looks like stock rims (2014 silverado LT) but i know the truck has...
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    Bug mesh review

    I recently purchased some bug mesh (0.9 oz Noseeum mesh) from 'ripstopbytheroll'. Another form member suggested this place and the prices were not bad at all so I ordered some material to cover the rear opening of my truck bed to keep bugs out. A few reason I took the time to make a post on...
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    School me on truck tires

    Ok so i admit it, i know next to nothing about tires.... Can you guys school me on all the important info regarding my situation? I have a Silverado 1500 with upgraded tires (BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A | LT305/65R18 | 124/121R), i know this because i bought the truck used and all my friends...
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    How long to idle truck to charge battery?

    Not sure if there is general info on this or if i need to find out specifics like what type of alternator my truck has, but about how long would i need to idle my truck to "top up" my 2nd battery? I have a 70ah house battery in my truck, connected to the starting battery with an isolator. The...
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    Screen for truck bed opening

    What is everyone using as a screen to cover the opening in their truck bed when camping? There is no way i would want to sleep with the gate up and shell flap closed unless it was freezing out, my bed gets around 100* sitting out in the sun 80* weather so any summer camping i'd want to keep it...
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    Plano Ammo Cans (plastic)

    Anyone else using these? How are they holding up? Caught them on sale for 5$ each at walmart, had to go to 2 different ones because the shelves were wiped out of them. They fit perfectly on the sides of my bed storage area and have a...
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    Truck camping temps in September, heater?

    I am going to be making my first long trip in the truck starting the 2nd week of September. Starting out east coast from NY and hopefully make it to CA and back. I have the entire month of September off to travel! We plan on making a dash for Mt.Rushmore, chill out there for a while, then make...
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    How frequent to clean camelback and what to use?

    I am a new camelback owner and the previous one i owned was as a kid and i never cleaned it and vividly remember the green scum inside when i let it sit for a while and went to use it the next time. :D (good thing it was a clear bladder and i could see this before using!) So to prevent this...
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    waterproofing tailgate gaps

    Title pretty much says it all, what are you guys using to close up the gaps in your tail gates to prevent water from getting into your bed area? My 2014 silverado has MASSIVE gaps on each end of the tailgate, so i am going to have to figure something out if i want a dry sleeping area. Thanks!
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    '14 Silverado 1500 - Working Dog / Cross Country Cruiser Build

    So.... don't beat me up on vehicle choice as i am new to trucks in general, but here is my build thread for a 2014 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab with 5.8ft bed (wish the damn bed was bigger :( ) My main uses are driving my dog around with me, camping trips, and doing a cross country trip from MA to...
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    DC to DC Laptop & Phone Chargers

    Any idea where i can get a reputable laptop charger that is DC to DC? Phones should be pretty easy since i can easily get the little cig outlet plugs, but what about laptops? Seems pretty stupid to convert to AC then back to DC just to charge the laptop battery, i bet it charges alot faster off...
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    Choosing the correct AMP for Battery Isolator

    I am looking at these "Stinger Battery Relay Isolator and Relay" on amazon so i can install a second battery in my truck to use as a house battery. They come in all different amp ratings, 80amp, 200amp, 500amp..... What amp rating should i get? Thanks!
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    Help with on board water setup in bed of silverado 1500

    I am rigging up my truck for a month long cross country journey, and to use as a personal hotel during my other hobbies where i am outdoors or a long drive from home. I have been doing alot of research, but hard to find everything i need in one place! My challenge right now is water setup. I...