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    WTB: Unimog 416 Camper/Radio Box

    They also have a smoking volvo that has already been converted.
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    WTB: Unimog 416 Camper/Radio Box

    This place has a 404 with a radio box, but you might give them a call and ask. He usually has leads or can point you in the right direction.
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    Desert Lion Project- We need your help!

    Please don't kill the post. I just fell into it today and read it from start to stop. I'm sure there are others that will follow that will find it interesting it will in turn lead them over to the desert lion page. Great job for an awesome cause.
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    New trailer company

    Ran across this today when I got my new RV Tech magazine in. Seems to be pretty basic with the mombasa tents on top. They do sell a build it yourself guide as well as an unfinished version for around $750. Figured i'd throw it up here.
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    On showers, pump failures, and body odors

    In an RV with a small waterleak these pumps wil cycle on and off hundreds of times a day as the water pressure bleeds off. I have never seen one fail from heat build up. Heat would be he least of your worries in my opinion.
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    Chaser/Horizon in C. Springs or Denver area?

    While you are going to have one opened up, I want to jump in on a viewing too.
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    JD2 model 3 bender and notcher

    It's actually spoken for, pending the trade tomorrow. Can you believe I got a local offer of an AR15 .308 and $300 for the setup?
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    JD2 model 3 bender and notcher

    Located in Denver, will not ship JD2 model 3 bender With these dies; 1" - 3"clr 1.5" - 4.5"clr 1.75"- 5.5" clr 1" - 4.5 clr square + brand new Pro tools notcher - the 1" and the 1.5" are the only dies that have been used, and they have only a couple of...
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    Two Fridge/freezer Set Up

    I have a 30 and a 60 that I have carried before with one as a freezer and one as a fridge. I keep looking at one of the new dual compartment units. They keep looking beter and better except for the fact that the family has grown to 4 and I probably need the space I have now.
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    craigslist - '65 nimrod tent camper - $400

    This would make someone a nice offroad camper with a few mods. Definitely a great starting point. Don't know the guy, just saw the ad
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    Recharge an Engel 45's Refrigerant

    Most of these systems are ammonia and nonrechargeable. there might be a blockage in the system. For RV fridges which are the same thing, here is what we did with about an 80% success rate: Roll the thing over, one side a day. This wil usually clear any blockage and clear up the system on one...
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    WTB: (4) 32x11.50R15 Tires in SOCAL

    might pop through pirate. all the good stuff on there is in cali...... Yes i'm bored at work
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    I think I forgot to pack the Sippy cup!!!

    The Kelty backpacks are nice. We spent a day hitting the thrift stores around Denver when our youngest was a newb and were able to find several for under $20 in near new condition. We just chose the one that was the newest style and went with it. Can't beat them. We have found that bags...
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    the Big Beast is back, with winch and lights and a new tent!

    bjs offroad has an air mattress to fit the back of that bed airbedz brand I think
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    1974 FJ55 on the LA craigslist

    I want a 55 so bad I can taste it, and every one that comes up in Denver has more rust than a scout. I just can't justify a trip to cali at the moment...
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    AT Horizon for sale $8300

    $8300 is not a bad price to back up to something that is loaded and ready to go, hook up and drive off for a week or two.
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    Not "offroad" but still really cool camper

    The dealership I used to work at worked with us several times to provide custom units to provide for people with special needs. These units usually came at slightly higher prices, not because of the custom floorplans or extra labor. The raised price was only for special items provided such as...
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    Trailer on Craigslist - Socal Area

    looks a lot like a glider trailer at first glance.
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    Outlander trailer in New England

    Where in Arkansas are they located? I emailed the owner asking that once but he forgot to tell me when he replied to my other questions
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    New VDEGs: Vehicle-Dependent Expedition Guide

    mine must be coming via pony express..... UPS guy is starting to hate seeing me in the morning. I offered to look through his truck for him today..... Guess i'm ready to read mine to motivate me to finish my build