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    Ultimate fuso build?
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    Water filtering

    Hi folks, I'm planning on incorporating a famous water filter system with the small bio-filter to give safe drinkable water into my build. I'm trying to work out what I should be filtering. Do you filter just your cold drinking water after the offtake for your water heaters and non...
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    Aluminium framed body?

    Hi folks, I'm in the development stages of my plan to build a camper based on a unimog with the vehicle bought and chassis modifications to start after the summer. I have been working the last week on a box design concept that I want to run past experienced folks here. I was originally...
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    How long will 20kg of propane last?

    Hi Folks, I realise this is an impossible question to answer but I'm keen to get as much insight as possible to help me work out what I do about gas. We will mainly be 2 travelling together in our main camper but occasionally joined by our 2 kids in our defender. Using gas only for...
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    Pulled the trigger

    Hi folks, long time lurker here been observing from a distance. I have just agreed a deal on a u1550l37 which will be the platform for a 4ish meter box build over the next couple of years. Looking forward to continuing to learn from you all and sharing thoughts and choices! All the best Nathan
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    Cad software recommendation

    Hi Folks, I'm getting my thoughts together about a box build for a unimog based camper and want to do some design work on a cad package that will do a "3d" visual render. Does anyone have any suggestions of a good package - ideally not too expensive. Thanks in advance Sent from my SM-G930F...