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    Full fiberglass camping shell

    What is the length from the front of the camper where is abuts the back of the cab to the center of the wheel well? On a truck the cab to axle measurement?
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    Falken Wildpeak AT/3W - anyone running them? Opinions?

    I replaced my oem michelins with upsized Falkens at the urging of my local tire shop. Went in the shop i tending to buy the same E rated 315/70/17 ko2s that I have on my raptor. Owner of shop asked me if I drove on rock roads, I replied that the truck would be driven on blm shelf roads in NM...
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    2020 Ford F250 on 37s - Expedition Truck Camper Build!

    I went from that tire size to 315/70 17 with 430 gears. No lift. Speedo is off by 5 mph. Engine rpm dropped by couple hundred at same speed. With new tires running 75 mph at around 2100 rpm. Hand calculated known distance mpg is 12.5 at 75-80 mph interstate driving empty. Towed a 13000 lb triple...
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    2009-2014 F150 5.5 Snug Top Pro Topper $350

    Snug Top Pro commercial grade fiberglass topper. Side doors with tool box on right. Fixed front glass. All locks work and have keys. Interior lights in topper and tool box work. Clamps for attaching included. For 5.5 ft bed. Has pinstriping and few scratches. One chip out of lower edge on...
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    Redarc Brake controller install

    Have a 2013 JKUR, had 4 pin, ran 10ga fused charging wire and direct fused feed for controller,took feed off brake switch works great, used 7 pin plug that plugs into 4 pin for tail lights turn signals and brake light.
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    2020 F250 7.3 10 spd rear diff order question

    One detail, with the 17” Methods with 0 offset, calipers may strike stick on wheel weights depending on location of the weight. Used balance beads and has worked well.
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    One detail, with 17” Methods with 0 offset, depending on location of stick on balance weights will strike calipers so you have to use balance beads. Have worked fine so far. 18s would be no issue.
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    jefe's hardside camper hauler

    Have same truck except 250xl With camper package,came off the delivery truck, was prepped and I drove 1300 miles in a day and a half. Average speed 70 mph got 13.8 mpg. Last half was with a bak flip bed cover. Had stock 245 75 17 tires. Now has 315 70 17s will repeat trip in reverse in several...
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    2020 F250 7.3 10 spd rear diff order question

    Bushwacker, use existing holes in front wheel wells to attach mounting brackets, rear uses slide on clips that flares screw to clamping on lip as well as existing holes. Look to be identical to oem flares on my raptor. Provide just enough coverage of tire to protect the paint, get lots of road...
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    2020 F250 7.3 10 spd rear diff order question

    Before and after Falken AT3W E rated Method 701 17x8.5 0 offset 4.75“ backspace, good clearance, no rubbing at full lock. 3-5mph speedo off. Driving the 7.3 with the 430s is a hoot. Acceleration is almost identical to my 6.2 Raptor.
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    Late model Ford SuperCabs: Do the doors creak?

    Scab Raptor with 100k miles and just got 2020 scab f250, no squeaks on Raptor to soon to tell on new truck. Had Tacoma access cab with 100k and no squeaks.
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    Snugtop Pro on a Raptor

    Had been looking for a used topper for my Raptor, bought this off CL for $350. Impressed by quality of construction, rated for 300-500 lbs roof load depending on rack system chosen. This is part of their commercial line which I was not aware of. Have had previous ARE and Ranch toppers and lids...
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    Bronco effect on Used Unlimited Prices???

    Agree with As Scooter, sold my Taco today, have 10th Ann JKU,Raptor and just ordered a F250 with 7.3, want to get to 2 vehicles, one to tow with the other to scout remote hunt locations. Not much fun to do 800 mile days in the jku. If the Bronco can handle 80% of the jku it will fit my needs and...
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    New Raptor..Ram killer

    The local Ford dealer I ordered my F250 from has a new 2019 Raptor on the lot. My son who drives an M4 and previously an M3 and I took it for a drive. From my perspective of a Gen 1 owner I was underwelmed by the acceleration and turbo lag, son felt the same compared with the Ms. I know what...
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    Tacoma TRD Offroad Access Cab 2015 Sold

    Long bed, is only bed available with the access cab
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    Tacoma vs 4Runner TRD Off-Road

    I have owned a 1997,2002 and 2004 4 runners, the last a v8 as well as 2010 4cyl Reg cab and 2015 4.0 Tacomas. Son has had 2002 sr5,2012 Sr5,and 2016 Trail Premium 4 runners. The 4 runners are better road vehicles and due to length have a slight advantage off highway In my opinion. Currently have...
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    2020 F250 7.3 10 spd rear diff order question

    Thanks thats what I need to know
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    2020 F250 7.3 10 spd rear diff order question

    Pretty much decided to go with 315 70 17 or 35 12.50 oems are 245 75 17 Michelins which are a 31.5” tire by specs. Hope to use the stock steel wheels which are 7 1/2 wide with 40mm offset. Most of that size spec a minimum of a 7 1/2” wheel. Looking at Falken or Toyo AT I’m used to 13 mpg in my...