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    What’s wrong with this picture?

    How could a big toy maker not notice this.

    HUMMER H1 vs Silverado.

    This is what happens when Silverado hits hummer H1 at 50 mph.

    1991 Range Rover turbo diesel swap

    When I bought my current rover I promised myself I would not make changes and keep it stock, you know how it goes when Rover has 235.000 miles, it’s starts to crumble up and down and sideways, Heater core blew on me on the road. a week later water pump started to leak. another week power...

    Amazing story of the OR7 Wolf

    Came across this great story of the wolf OR7 that crossed to California for a first time after nearly 100 years of last wolf killed, Hopefully one day we will hear the iconic wolf howling again during camping trips.

    Diesel engine options for classic Range Rover

    Guys I need some knowledge on some Diesel engines I am not familiar with to be possible candidates for my classic rover, My classic currently has 245k miles, it’s a California vehicle, not one single spot of rust, still original paint and runs great, However I know that running great is...

    Looking for 100 series

    Guys I am looking to buy another land cruiser after selling my 1997 80 series ( unbelievable mistake) I was thinking I should get 100 series of I can’t find the right 80. I am not familiar with 100s, what year should I get? Budget is available for the right vehicle. Vehicle will not be DD but...

    manual transmission for classic Range Rover

    Hello Kind folks I bought a 1991 classic Range Rover I would like to convert it to manual transmission, Can you guys help me with knowledge of what kind of transmission and parts I need to do the job ? Thank you.

    humvee ready for fun

    hey u guys I wanted to share with u my humvee project. Truck is real war veteran, she went to gulf and back in 1991 still had the writings on it in Arabic, She is 1985, She had been parked in California desert fo who knows how long, half of parts were missing, engine was sealed solid, No...

    2017 Tacoma ARB bumper

    finished putting ARB Bumper on, so here is what I have to say about it my personal experience, ARB USA are u reading this ??? for the last 8 years I have owned many great trucks and equipped them with great quality parts, H1 hummers, ford raptor, defender 110, land cruiser and now this...

    Multi state expedition

    What do you do when you sell your business , your girl friend quits her job , and u have travel ready fzj80 parked in ur garage ? Choice was clear for us ;) 6 days ago we were hard working ppl , today we are in San Jose California 350 miles from LA it's 5:30 am ready to start the second day of...

    Collectors edition fj80

    Hello lady's and gentleman . Few hours ago I became a fortunate owner of 1997 collectors edition fj80 ;) I am already in love with this car. Unfortunately it was already very dark outside to take pictures of her and post up here I was into land rovers till I sold my last 2 classic range...

    new RRC fuel pump at O'REILLY

    O'REILLY has rrc fuel pump for 72 bucks , with warranty , much better than 400 bucks , i got one yesterday as a trail spare , the guy who worked there told me they also have the 400 dollar one , witch is exactly same item inside different box and name on it, both items are O'REILLY brand...

    new rover , new loyal friend , new hood emblem

    to me new classic range rover 1990 in perfect condition , when i sold my red rover ( he was my friend ) i decided to to buy another one, it was my Siberian husky and my 1990 RRC, ( 2 awesome friends ) front alligator is now on the hood of GREENROVER biting the land rover logo. it was the...

    what do u guys think of this project?

    i sold my classic range rover the red diesel one . and i got myself a practically brand new condition 1990 classic , witch i plan to keep it just the way it is , but i am looking to start a new project witch will be on D1 or D2 i have not decided yet , the truck in the picture looks...

    old mojave road pictures , SCLR

    they called my truck the black sheep :( haha this road will test every suspension part on ur land rover and every organ in ur body , 140 miles of dust and very bumpy road , during the trip there was one guy who took his rrs offroad for the first time , well its off road u can have scratch...

    yesterdays pictures

    who wants to stay home when its 85 degrees outside, full tank of diesel and noting to do :) i took the rover for a short 250 mile trip to Mojave desert

    california desert finds

    u never know what u will find on those desert roads , i saw this 109 far away and went to meet the owner ,he was 80 year old retired lawyer , driver is still there :)


    guys i wanna get 39,5 irocks, but i wanna see if any one of u has experience with those tires? are they any good ? i do understand those are offroad tires but they gonna be driven on the highway as well , can they be balanced ? thank you

    defender 110 on its way, classic rover on ebay for sale

    yesterday i payed for my defender 110 she is on its way from Europe . and my classic rover is on ebay looking for a new home shipping was 1600 all the way to long beach calif . 110 is a left hand drive diesel 1988 118.000 miles few rust spots but no big deal she will go true 100%...

    learning about 80 series before purchase

    my camping buddies and i decided that my range rover is not up to the job any more for our use, being small, i was working on getting defender 110 from Europe but its gonna be a rust bucket, and USA model defenders have 35 grand mark up when u consider its still the same land rover that is...