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  1. kodiak-black

    For Sale: SOLD 2017 Cirrus 820 Truck Camper and F250

    That is a REALLY nice camper and I'm a fan of Cirrus, but at 2900 lbs. dry it's likely too heavy for even most 3/4 tons.
  2. kodiak-black

    Shell vs RTT for camping with fullsize

    For me it's been a shell with a sleeping platform for the past 3 trucks. Never have owned a roof top tent, but having seen some friends have a miserable time trying to sleep in some very windy conditions reinforced my decision.
  3. kodiak-black

    Pop-ups with inside showers?

    I've owned an Outfitter that did not have a shower. I would not own another pop-up without an interior shower. My wife greatly values this convenience and consequently so do I. I get it, she wants to be clean. And I want a pop-up to get off the beaten path. I have a RAM 3500 now-a-days. She can...
  4. kodiak-black

    Buying off of Alibaba?

    Hardly a rationalization. If a product is not made available here in this market, who is it cheating? It's not cheating the manufacturer IF they don't offer it here anyway?
  5. kodiak-black

    Buying off of Alibaba?

    One upside is there are some interesting products on their website that I'd love to see in the US market. They're possibly a copy of something but it's an alternative if otherwise unavailable in this market...
  6. kodiak-black

    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    dman93 that's a very good point and one I had forgotten. My feelings are the that the east/west sleeping arrangement means that someone will be stuck in the front corner. Owned an Outfitter pop-up for a few months and my wife complained of being stuck in the front part of the bed. She me asked...
  7. kodiak-black

    DIY Wedge Camper - GFC Replica

    Inspirational is the word that comes to mind. Incredible work.
  8. kodiak-black

    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Wow. A lot of views and not a single response? Well there's a lot options out there now that are more hipster. I suppose the window may have closed. Interesting.
  9. kodiak-black

    Has anyone bought or ordered a M-project from 4 wheel camper?

    Just curious if anyone has taken the plunge. There's so many options on the market now compared to just 2 years ago.
  10. kodiak-black

    thoughts on full size

    Had a 1999 Tacoma, leveled, etc. It got like 17 mpg. I can't remember the payload, but once loaded MPG dropped to about 15. Good truck. Never an issue. Then got a 2013 F150, 5.0 V8, with a 1649 lb. payload, I had some tires on it and a level kit. Nothing over the top. Never got better than...
  11. kodiak-black

    Tradesman Truck Top - SOLD

    Sent you a message
  12. kodiak-black

    Warn M8000 Winch

    Is this winch still available?
  13. kodiak-black

    Motoped Pro

    The last post before yours was about 29 months ago. I hope the OP sold it by now.
  14. kodiak-black

    expo west 3 day camp ticket

    What are some of the better options for camping? I have myself and wife with a truck camper but also some friends with a trailer who prefer hook ups?
  15. kodiak-black

    AT Habitat coming to the F-150?

    Very cool set ups guys. Glad to see they're making them for full size rigs. Hoping to make it out to Expo West this May. I bet vendors and customers alike will have come up with some interesting set ups.
  16. kodiak-black

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    An excellent and honest evaluation from an owner. This is precisely my point. Most shortcomings of a FWC are outlined best by those people who already own a four wheel camper. They just don't happen to be blinded by bias or misplaced devotion to a camper themed in a "1970's tract ranch house"...
  17. kodiak-black

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    The cell phone on my hip is not a minor 'improvement' over the dial up phone. It is a HUGE leap in functionality. You would be happy with a dial up phone with the latest materials, manufacturing processes, design, and colors? Just FYI the dial up I was referring to was dial up internet not a...
  18. kodiak-black

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    Mandated or not it's one example. There are countless examples of innovation that have nothing to do with government mandates. You don't see many bag phones anymore right? Or a car phone? Still using dial up? Everyone loves their new gadgets, new technology, innovative solutions to problems we...
  19. kodiak-black

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    I disagree with that philosophy and to question my experience in company financing is kinda funny actually. That aside. I think innovation drives sales, reduces cost and while also meeting new government mandates. The relationship is symbiotic. To strive for improvement is to protect one's own...
  20. kodiak-black

    FWC; major design changes, issues, and value?

    You know I don't really have an issue with FWC. I'm actually glad they exist. I think they have filled a very valuable role in the off roading community. They've earned the respect they receive from their customers. To answer your question as to why improve or change a product for the sake of...