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  1. MrBeast

    Alaskan Camper HELP PLEASE!!!

    Can someone get me a measurement off of their camper? I am looking for the width of the lower portion of the camper where it sits on the bed rails.
  2. MrBeast

    258/4.0 Vs. TBI 350 Chev, School Me

    So on my 80 CJ7 the transmission is Kaput, shot, and needs to be replaced. The Dana 300 is in decent condition, but could use a good going through and cleaning up. I have decided that I am going to use one of the NV4500's that I have in the Jeep, but where I am stuck is figuring out what I am...
  3. MrBeast

    1980 CJ7 first Jeep build

    1980 CJ7, The Kraken - V8 Jeep build. Update: I have changed the name of this build because it is going in a new direction with a new tub, new color, new purpose really. I have decided to call it The Kraken! My reasoning is The Kraken was a mystical creature of the sea that eluded many a...
  4. MrBeast

    4x4 Vintage van porn.

    65 Chevy, I think its muy muy cool.
  5. MrBeast

    An old friend comes back to life (video)
  6. MrBeast

    2wd to 4x4 conversion question for you van guys?

    Living where I do, I see a lot of 2wd vans that are in pretty nice shape. And they are cheap, I dont know if this is the case nation wide, but It seems to me as though van's are readily avalable for a guy who wants to use one as an expo platform. I just did a 2wd to 4x4 conversion on my 72...
  7. MrBeast

    72 C/30 - 4x4 Cummins Conversion

    This build has been a long time coming. This truck is very special to me, and there are more than a few reasons why. The first of which starts with a 6lb ball of fluff. I named him Palex, The back story is ever since I was a little kid I had wanted a German Shepherd, my parents put a dog...
  8. MrBeast

    51 Willys Overland Wagon

    Well this afternoon I bit the bullet, I picked up a 51 Willys wagon that is in pretty deacent shape for being this close to the coast. I drug it home and stuffed a battery in it. It turns out the starter is shot, it is locked up solid, going to have to find out how bad it is going to be...
  9. MrBeast

    Offroad HD Jeep camper for Texas 2 Alaska trip.

    I have been playing with auto cad working on my design for the camper I am going to build. Keep in mind that this is just in the concept stages. The key features of the design include a pop-up roof, shown in the up position in yellow, and down in green. As well the cabinet unit that...