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  1. tim87tr

    PTO uses for travel

    I was looking at the new Ram HD trucks and noticed they have the PTO option. Has anyone used this for a generator, air compressor, winches, etc? I did a quick search and found Vanair mobile power solutions with PTO shaft and hydraulic driven accessories as mentioned. Just curious as I see...
  2. tim87tr

    5500 campers real life experience

    I'm going to need a 5500 for a larger truck camper, flatbed/boxes and extra water in a quad cab chassis diesel. I have a modified Jeep I've been using on trips out West the last 8 years, so the camper rig would be only 10% trailhead and 90% road travel, mostly off-grid. There are not any...
  3. tim87tr

    Gross vehicle rating & payload

    Hi, first post. I'm researching payload of diesel 3500 and 4500 crew cab chassis in either Ford or Ram, for a custom flatbed, boxes and truck camper. The Rams came out with Limited trim in the chassis this year. I've not had luck getting a dealer to send me a door tag listing the the GVWR and...