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  1. FlipperFla

    Mobil Hotspot

    Want internet access for your laptop or ipad while overlanding? Verizon has a product called a jetpack. Its about the size of a cigarette pack, run 8hrs on battery or you can plug it in using the USB adaptor/charger and can share up to 15 devices. It goes for around $200. The unlimited data...
  2. FlipperFla

    Cleaning Sawyer Water Filter

    How do you clean your Sawyer filter? I am using the plunger that comes with the inline filter we have on our hydration packs after our camping trips back flushing them with filtered water from our fridge. I read an article that said the small amount of water left in the filter after back...
  3. FlipperFla

    Plain vs Serrated Blade

    Considering purchasing an ESEE3 what are the pros and cons of a plain vs a serrated blade for a survival knife? And the different functions of a survival vs a camping knife.
  4. FlipperFla

    Pulled Baofeng Post

    I pulled the thread titled FCC bans Baofeng from and artical that I read in a Google news feed. Finding it very misleading and basically false. Sorry for the bad info.
  5. FlipperFla

    Camper Van Meet and Greets in S.E.

    Just found this site, finally a van section. Been to some 4x4 events and Im always the only van there and no one wants anything to do with us. Just wondering if there are any camper van events in the S.E.? Mainly Florida, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina.