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  1. NYCRover

    2015/16 LR4 Dual Battery Setup?

    Hi- I know there have been some threads about this and it seems like there is simply no space in the engine bay to fit a dual battery given the 2nd eco start stop battery and dual air filters. So I bought a National Luna Portable Power Pack out of a lack of other options and was thinking about...
  2. NYCRover

    2020 Defender Spy Shots....
  3. NYCRover

    1997 Land Rover Discovery SD7 For Sale

    SOLD Summary- For sale is my 97 Discovery. I am emotionally attached to this disco, but can't realistically hold on to this given I am moving to the west coast. This could be a cost effective moderate trail ring for someone, or could be a great parts rig for a bargain hunter. The truck is in...
  4. NYCRover

    '16 LR4 Halogen Swap to Xenon + LED?

    Hi- I recently picked up a '16 LR4 base model for a great deal (HD package, most importantly). Unfortunately, this meant it came with the crap halogen lights. Rather than putting in HID bulbs (which I don't want to do), I was thinking about buying some Xenon + Signature LED lamp assemblies from...
  5. NYCRover

    25 Years of Discovery

    Came across this clip of my favorite truck. also- Land Rover has a pretty nice section on its website about discovery ownership.