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  1. RobRed

    Anyone here right angle'd their Partner Steel Stove gas input?

    As you likely know the PS stove has a non-standard fitting on the input of the stove... I want to make mine right angle but a quick look at home deport for fittings has been short. Has anyone here done such an adapter on their PS stove? the threads look to be 5/8
  2. RobRed

    What about BOB?

    What about BOB? (The Ultimate Go Bag?) Some thoughts I have on BOB. For those that are not familiar with the term BOB it relates to preparing for an emergency or other situation. BOB is the colloquial terminology for Bug Out Bag. Hooky but seems to have...
  3. RobRed

    FS: Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro LIKE NEW

    $475 + Shipping This is a must have if you travel beyond the confines of Cellular service. SPOT and INreach are great but if you're stuck in Death Valley and need to call Millers towing to come get you the sound of your voice gets it done. Usable anywhere in the world except the poles. Can be...
  4. RobRed

    Motion X GPS HD v21 released

    This version doesn't restore the downloadable Bing maps. V21 does get Google maps back as cacheable not downloadable. There is a cosmetic make over which I think improves usability. Waypoint storage increased from 500 to 2500. An interesting new feature is an in App purchase for $4.99 that...
  5. RobRed

    [UPDATED] Don't Update your Motion X GPS HD

    UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE 8/21/13 V21 returns the missing maps and then some. -------------------- I just updated Motion X GPS HD v20 on my iPad Mini and found that the map choices have changed... Currently the cacheable maps are limited...
  6. RobRed

    Part 1 of my iPad Overland Navi Overview

    I'm sure some of you already know but for others, I've been using an iPad in car since they were released in 2010. iPad has been an integral part of my navigation setup off road as well. I get a lot of questions about what I do and how I do it so I created a blog post about it that may help you...