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  1. Buliwyf

    Ford 7.3L

    Just released: 7.3l and pushrod. Who called that? Might not effect us much. Might be nice for gas drw's, and larger slide ins.
  2. Buliwyf

    Budget, but brand new, Fullsize expo rig ideas.

    What's the most budget, but nice, complete setup, that you can think of? For beginners, etc. But something you can still grow with. Sorted, truck, mods, camp gear, recovery gear, I'm thinking: Ford F250/350 Super Duty, crewcab, shortbed, 6.2l, Xl+power equipment pack, Fx4, 3.73 or 4.30, e...
  3. Buliwyf

    New GM Hd?

  4. Buliwyf

    Can anyone tell me about this Military trailer???

    M105a3. Looks heavy, that's good for me (F250). Steel construction. The hitch as it sits there, is 35" off the ground. The bed is over 8' long and as wide as my F250. I have no idea what size those wheels are, but they're big. I don't need to add nice offroad tires like many of...
  5. Buliwyf

    Bought a new truck. 2017 F250 review. Hopefully that pic shows up. I got a quote for rust repair on my 2008, which also needs a brake master cylinder, mirrors, taillights, front bumper repainted again...
  6. Buliwyf

    Dodge oops. Should have recalled that pitman arm after all. That's going to cost more than a dollar.:Wow1:
  7. Buliwyf

    Just bought a Superduty.

    Finally my Expo build can begin. I just bought a white 2008 F250 XL, 4x4, Longbed, Extended Cab, 5.4L, 5r110, Manual xfer case, Dana 60/10.25. I t's got a couple scratches on the bed, nothing abnormal for us. But the cab is flawless, and the interior is really nice. Apparently it was owned...
  8. Buliwyf

    Ford Superduty build.

    New guy. So bear:elkgrin: with me, I didn't see a new guy introduction forum here. I have spent alot of time with Ford Superduty work trucks, and just recently sold my Truck. My Jeep Yj isn't streetable. So I'm looking to start a new build along the same practical camping, mild...