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  1. jk_surgeonfish

    Moab: 7-Mile Rim Trail

    Went to Moab couple of weeks ago and ran the 7-Mile Rim Trail. WOW! This trail is not hard but has a few obstacles you can tackle if you want. Bypasses on most everything and a stock vehicle can make it just fine. The scenery on this trail makes it spectacular. Also, make sure to check out...
  2. jk_surgeonfish

    Original Grand Canyon Airport

    Did a day trip in the Jeep with the family to check out the historic site. Was windy and a little chilly but perfect weather for the trip. I did a video of it. Enjoy:
  3. jk_surgeonfish

    Trailer Tongue Weight

    Hoping I get a few responses to this. I have a 99XJ and need some new rear leafs as the ones I have now are too soft for my 3 kids, cargo and then a trailer. I am going to get them from Deaver and they need to know how much tongue weight I have. I already have calculated between 400-500 lbs...