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  1. Andy G

    Falken A/T3W vs BFG A/T KO2 for roughly the same price...thoughts and/or experience?

    Getting new shoes on the van (2017 Chevy Express 2500 RWD)... it's down to Falken Wildpeak A/T3W's or BFG A/T KO2's. I ran that Falken's on my old Trooper and loved them. Costco has a promotion going on now that's $110 off the BFG's, which makes the total price (including tax and installation)...
  2. Andy G

    Any personal experience with the 2wd leveling kits from BoulderOffRoad or Weldtec?

    Got a 2017 Express 2500 RWD van, and am weighing out the options of installing one of the leveling kits from either Boulder Off Road or Weldtec. I've seen bunch of pictures of the kit installed, but have only heard of one report of how the van drove afterwards - and it wasn't good. Of course, I...
  3. Andy G

    2017 Express 2500 RWD tire size question

    Wondering if anyone has any experience with running 265/75R16’s on the stock rims of a newer model Express passenger van? I’ve got the stock size LT245/75R16 tires on the stock rims on my 2016 Express 2500 RWD. I’ll be doing a leveling kit next summer, but need new tires in the next month...
  4. Andy G

    When shopping for used, how much does a rebuilt engine and trans add to the value?

    Looking at a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited. Good condition, 155,000 miles. Not much rust (for Michigan). In the past 40k both the engine and transmission have been rebuilt - both verified by receipts. How much would that change the price vs an identical WJ without a rebuilt engine and trans...
  5. Andy G

    Checking out an ‘04 Grand Cherokee tonight - what to look for?

    Here’s the CL ad for it... 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4.7 V8 Wondering if there’s anything specific on this I should be looking at other than the usual used truck sorta stuff? Thanks! Sent from my iPad...
  6. Andy G

    Looking at a couple 4Runners. Need some help please.

    The 1996 has 130k miles but seller isn’t sure if timing belt had been replaced. He’s asking $4200 or best. 1996 4WD Toyota 4Runner The 1999 has 185k miles and timing belt has been replaced. He’s asking $4000 or...
  7. Andy G

    1990 Montero - what to look for?

    Checking out a 1990 Montero on Friday (Facebook link below). Anything specific I should be looking at? Seller is trying to find information on the timing belt if it’s been replaced or not. I really am liking the looks of this rig! Thanks Andy Happy Thanksgiving...
  8. Andy G

    Shopping now - ‘99 Grand Cherokee Laredo questions

    Looking at a ‘99 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Has 242,000 on the trans and body. Engine was rebuilt 40k ago - saw receipts. Trans is in good condition and shifts well. 4wd works. Has Geolander A/T’s with 8000 miles. The guy is asking $3000, pretty sure that’s high, however. Just not sure how much the...
  9. Andy G

    Montero issues to look for before buying

    Okay all, so I really love the Montero, and I'm hoping in the next few months to be able to purchase one. But...I need to know, what are the issues to look for while shopping around? I'm most likely gonna be doing a buy/fly and drive from the SW USA, as I'm done buying used local (thanks...
  10. Andy G

    What years are considered the Gen 2.5 Montero?

    I know this much but am still unclear as to where the 2.5 falls...can you hook a brother up? EDIT: Think I discovered it...98-00? Is that correct? Thanks! Gen 1 - 82-91 Gen 2 - 91-99 Gen 2.5 - 98-00 Gen 3 - 99-06
  11. Andy G

    Time to start shopping for a new (to me) vehicle...looking for your thoughts/suggestions!

    Found out I’m FINALLY getting my VA disability back pay (to the tune of about 5000-6000 bucks – finally!!!) in the next month or so…supposedly. Desperately wanting to get an off-road “overlanding” capable rig again – but not wanting to pull the trigger on the first thing that tickles my fancy...
  12. Andy G

    Montero vs Montero Sport - and what issues do these rigs have?

    From what I can tell, the Montero is the larger version of the Sport...yes? No? Help! Also, any significant/serious issues with the Montero's a prospective owner should be aware of? I've got an '02 Trooper, and the Montero is truly the only other rig out there of similar size (as far as I can...
  13. Andy G

    Got rust? I do...and need your help!

    So I picked up an '02 Isuzu Trooper. Pretty clean for a Michigan rig.'s not without it's cancer spots. I'm wondering what - if anything - I can do to slow down the spread of this nasty rust cancer crap. I've got basic shop tools, can do some metal cutting and trimming, but any sort of...
  14. Andy G

    '02 Trooper conflicting reports on max tire size w/no lift.

    I've got a stock '02 Trooper with stock sized (245/70R16) tires on it that are bald as heck. Running stock rims. Getting some new all-terrains next weekend, and was gonna go with the 265/75R16 (31.6") but have seen a few posts on the inturdwebz that the owner has had to do a little massaging of...
  15. Andy G

    Isuzu Trooper coil spring spacers - who's using what?

    I've seen a bunch of vague references to 1.5-2" coil spring spacers from other vehicles being used on our Troopers - but haven't yet found a specific part number that's the "correct" one to use. Anyone out there with a Trooper running these? I've got an '02 Trooper and wanna get an inexpensive...
  16. Andy G

    Need some Taco advice...please!

    I don't have a Taco - yet - but am considering pulling the trigger on one of these 2...wondering if you all could give me some suggestions on what I specifically need to look for, Tacoma-wise, and which one you would choose? The first one is a 2010 Tacoma AccessCab, TRDSport...
  17. Andy G

    Ogre or Disc Trucker? Head about to explode - help!

    Hey everyone! Here's my "dilemma". I currently have a 2011 "KramPugs" Pugsley that I can ride fat (w/Marge Lites and 4" Knards) or skinny (w/Rabbit Hole 29+ and 3" Knards). It's fully outfitted with a compliment of Revelate Designs bags. It's the bike I ride most of the time, and is obviously...
  18. Andy G

    Best NON-cotton "adventure" pants that won't break the bank???

    Here in the North-land, the motto is "cotton kills". That applies especially in the wintertime, but is pretty relevant year-round. I've engaged in a search to find the best "adventure style" pants that don't cost a bajillion dollars to buy, aren't cotton, and are long lasting. With that said...
  19. Andy G

    WTB: Used pair of Hella 500 driving lights

    Got any Hella 500 or 500FF driving lights you don't want/need anymore? Shoot me a PM! I want 'em! Spicy
  20. Andy G

    Roof rack mounted lights: "fog" or "driving" style?

    Just installed the Gobi Ranger rack on our 2010 JKU. What an awesome rack. Now getting ready to order 2 (or 4) offroad lights to mount on the front of it. The Heep already has (crappy) stock fog lights on the bumper. Just trying to decide if we should go for driving lights (pencil beam-ish)...