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  1. T.O.Mac

    FOR SALE: Rhino Rack 270 degree Batwing Awning

    wish you were closer!
  2. T.O.Mac

    No refrigeration needed is what I was going to add, but it appears that Graham is already there... I have used her book for lots of rafting trips (which is basically overlanding in a hypalon and waterfilled wonderland...
  3. T.O.Mac

    Spacekap Plus Camper (Sold)

    That's awesome. GLWS!
  4. T.O.Mac

    WTB Go Fast Camper Platform Reservation

    I have checked it out...I really like their shell, but I, for whatever reason, really like the vertical walls of the GFC thanks for adding to my knowledge!
  5. T.O.Mac

    WTB alpacka packraft

    what size style are you looking for? decked, self-bailing, lakes, rivers? happy to help if I can! -Thomas Fruita, CO
  6. T.O.Mac

    WTB: GFC Spot or GFC XL for 6.5 Ford!

    Interested in a GFC for 6.5 ft bed on a f 150 Would be even more interested in your spot if you put down some non-refundable cash and changed your mind! -Thomas Fruita, CO
  7. T.O.Mac

    WTB: GFC or reservation for GFC

    just a bump in case anyone else wants to let their spot go... 6.5ft F150 thanks!
  8. T.O.Mac

    Custom full size overland trailer build

    such a nice looking rig, BLWS
  9. T.O.Mac

    WTB Or trade for adventure trailer

    that looks awesome...GLWS
  10. T.O.Mac

    WTB Go Fast Camper Platform Reservation

    did you take delivery of your XL? if so, how do you like it? thanks