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  1. Vanhalo

    Goose Gear Cubbies? Yea or Nay?

    Just ordered the GG platform plate for my JKU. Considering the Cubbies but I am not certain how useful they are. Do they scratch the cosmetic itch or do you find them useful?
  2. Vanhalo

    Fridge Slides?

    I have been searching here and on the Chinese Googles for fridge slide reviews. I have not found a decent comparison review thus far. I am leaning toward DFG Offroad but would like to exhaust other options before I pull the trigger.
  3. Vanhalo

    Quick Release Brackets for Awnings?

    Has anyone used these Quick Fit Brackets?,_Foxwing_Adaptors_&_Heavy_Duty_Attachment_Points.html
  4. Vanhalo

    Snomaster TR42S or CL56D for 2016 Jeep Wrangler (JKU)?

    Just sold my Snomaster LP66 because it was too big for my Jeep. I just ordered the CL56D but I am wondering if I will regret not getting the smaller TR42S. Anyone regret the CL56D in a Wrangler?
  5. Vanhalo

    SnoMaster LP66 SOLD!!!!

  6. Vanhalo

    Group 31 Battery?

    I have decided to go the single Group 31 battery(Dometic PLB40/Battery Booster) route for a 12v fridge setup What are folks generally using to mount this large battery in their engine bay? I have considered 2 options Buying the Dual Battery Genesis tray for $200 and modifying it. Using these...
  7. Vanhalo

    Fridge size for Jeep JKU?

    What is the popular fridge that folks are running in their JKUs? Dometic 50? ARB 50? Am I right in saying 50qts seems to be the perfect size? Looks like the Dometic 65qt is a bit too tall but would fit in the JKU cargo area without having to turn it length wise.