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  1. buckwilk


    Found a shell, still looking for a front bumper with a winch mount.
  2. buckwilk

    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    Burner only discs on site for $30
  3. buckwilk

    DIY Discada "Skottle" Cooker $65.00

    Check this out Everything at less than half the price of skottle and no blue legs.
  4. buckwilk


    Can you shoot me a pic of the bumper ?
  5. buckwilk

    Dirt Sunrise: Tim and Kelsey get lost...

    Why did the one village have so many land cruisers ? Were the ruins in Tikal Aztec or Mayan?
  6. buckwilk


    Wow, that's a nice system, but, like you, I'm after a shell. Thanks
  7. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    Scored an endel 41 never used off craigslist for $250. We'll see.
  8. buckwilk


    Looking for a front winch bumper and a camper shell. 8 ft bed. I am located in Yuma Az. and would consider reasonable drive. 96x68 in.
  9. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    First hand info works much better than reviews. It looks as though most fridges use roughly the same amount of power if equal in size. No one has chimed in that they have had a bad experience with any particular brand. In the $500 to $700 range there are some good choices it seems. The over...
  10. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    Lots of useful info, thanks, very helpful. My excursions are 4 to 6 mo. in length and I travel alone so I'm thinking a 50 to 60 qt would be fine. I'm stationary for up to 2 weeks at a time and have 170 watts of solar to keep the charge up. When on the road the truck would be charging the battery...
  11. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    Power options are not the issue, but thanks. Comparing the different products and getting actual feedback from users is.
  12. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    110 liter is how big in quarts ? Freezer, optional. Environment, summer travel western U.S. 6 mo. at a time. Temps-- 70's to 100's. Portable best application. Initial install in enclosed trailer transferable to covered P.U. bed on occasion. Battery size and location not an issue. Good...
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    No refrigeration needed

    Ghee. Surprised no one mentioned it.
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    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    I have weighed the pros and cons of 12v fridges versus coolers and ice and have made the decision to purchase a 12 v fridge. My research has included forums, blogs and youtube. Unlimited internet quests. What I'm coming up with is so scattered as to be worthless. There are tons of "this is what...
  15. buckwilk

    Southwest Disk or Tembo Tusk Skottle?

    This looks like a less expensive alternative...
  16. buckwilk

    Snow Peak Addiction

  17. buckwilk

    Why use a RTT?

    OP wrote a concise well thought out question, whether you agree or disagree with it. The fact that he hasn't posted since doesn't mean he hasn't read the posts. That a topic has been discussed on a forum before doesn't disqualify it from further discussion. The accusation that a poster is a...
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    How good are Subarus?

    If you're rockcrawling a sub may not be the rig. If you're looking at a rock wondering if it will go underneath, put the tire on that rock and ease over. Hardcore roads are not the sub's baliwick but 85% of the roads we all drive are.
  19. buckwilk

    Ideas for repairing awning rips?

    I have used this stuff for everything and it's never failed.
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    California to Panama in a T100

    I have been in C.A. quite a bit over the years and the trials and tribulations you detail haven't changed in years. Here's a tip I was given years ago and it worked killer. Buy ballpoint pens with bling in bulk, not cheap but not high dollar either. Whenever you interact with an official, pull...