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  1. buckwilk


    Looking for a front winch bumper and a camper shell. 8 ft bed. I am located in Yuma Az. and would consider reasonable drive. 96x68 in.
  2. buckwilk

    12 V Fridge Quagmire

    I have weighed the pros and cons of 12v fridges versus coolers and ice and have made the decision to purchase a 12 v fridge. My research has included forums, blogs and youtube. Unlimited internet quests. What I'm coming up with is so scattered as to be worthless. There are tons of "this is what...
  3. buckwilk

    Wanna Have Some Fun ?

    Drill through this What'd you find you want ?
  4. buckwilk

    Tepui rtts

    Twice I've tried to respond to the dent's in rtt thread. Despite being logged in and completely complying my posts don't show. I've PMd mods and been told this is a recurring problem. I wonder if it's a recurring problem if the product being discussed is an advertiser ?
  5. buckwilk

    Flat Towed Montero

    Can I flat tow a Montero behind a motorhome, anyone know?