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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Not a pic but a vid of me doing Fins N Things in Moab. It's a very quick rubbish edit and slightly too long video but I thought I would share it anyways. Also as usual GoPro's never really show how steep and big things are.
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    New Defender News

    I've seen lots of new(above 10) Defender around Los Angeles, mostly in the Beverly Hills, Beverly Grove, Brentwood and Malibu areas all driven by the same type of person. Did see one with the side storage box and ladder yesterday at LAX, the side boxes don't look as ridiculous in real life than...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Got a little cold in Moab, Ut the other weekend. Did the Fins & Things trail, the LR4 went amazingly. Only got video of it but when I get a chance I will edit it up.
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    JLR Restructuring / Reorg

    I'm surprised about that one being cut. I see more Disco Sports around than most LR models these days. It's probably cutting into the more expensive Evoke sales though.
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    Discos going Solar.

    If you do go down the second battery route I recommend going a DC/DC charger over just a relay change over. I have had all sorts of problems keeping my second battery charged on my LR4 because of the Land Rover "smart" charging system, I'm also a leave the fridge running 90% of the time person...
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    Foam replacement for RTTs - lessons learned

    There is no inflatable pad that will perfectly fit the Teupi Ayer. So foam/latex fits edge to edge perfectly as you can cut it and it's cheaper(except for the upgrade Tepui mattresses as they foam and a rip off).
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    SOLD San Diego: LR3 Parts (ARB, Front Runner, Drawers, etc)

    I have the long hitch on my LR and hate it and was thinking of getting the OX hitch. What's the problem with the OX hitch? I don't really tow, it's mostly for the bike rack that I want to get as far away form the ground as possible
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    Air Compressor that can set a tubeless bike tire?

    If you have an already good floor pump and don't want to drop the large amount on a chamber pump, this works very well and actually better than my Lezyne Over Drive Pump. I have seen DIY instructions around to make pressure canister similar if you give it a quick google...
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    2022 Range Rover L460

    I think the current Discovery sport is the second best looking Land Rover right now behind the Velar. I agree with Gatorgriss, every angle but stright on the front looks good.
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    Air Compressor that can set a tubeless bike tire?

    On my LR3 it was mounted in front of the 2nd battery box on the drivers side. I made a little mount out of 3mm alloy for it. I can't find any pics of it right now, sorry.
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    Air Compressor that can set a tubeless bike tire?

    I've never really had luck with any compressor with seating tubeless road/gravel/MTB tyres. I have a Lezyne Over Drive chamber pump and it even struggles with some rim/tyre combinations. I remove the head from the pump so it's the straight hose and remove the valve core from the rim. I have the...
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    New Land Rover...... Phone

    Yeah, I used the wrong word when I said made. They released a phone from a Chinese catalog with a Land Rover sticker on it.
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    New Land Rover...... Phone

    Land rover now have a rugged mobile phone... The Land Rover Explore R Mobile Phone Specs: Tough design, built to withstand drops and water submersion - a great adventure companion IP68 and MIL SPEC 810H protected; fully waterproof up to 1.5m...
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    Sun roof Rattle.

    This will do the job...
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    Post pictures of your Land Rover.

    Exploring the eastern Sierras. Now one of the exhausts is very flat.
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    Haha woops, put a ? instead of a /.
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    LR3 upgrades options what to do

    First thing you should ever do to a 4.4 is replace the plastic coolant tee/bleeder on top of the engine!!!! Also above 120,000miles its smart to replace all the coolant lines and plastic header/thermostat tank as well, I think is is in the factory maintenance manual to change them around then...
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    Defender 110 - buyers guide

    I found this great article about defenders when I was looking at buying one(still and but when I get back to Australia) ']
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    GAP IID Tool Guided Suspension Calibration issue

    I thought it had to be in tight tolerance mode to do the suspension calibration? The two times I have done a calibration I had it in tight tolerance mode but it was still quite slow to react to changes.
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    My Discovery Reads my mind and its not happy.

    I just jammed a random bit of wire in the unplugged connector and covered the whole thing in electrical tape. Mine started doing it while on a trip on the trails around Grand Canyon, I would be hiking and hear my bloody car from inside the canyon. I bought a new mechanism piece but never...