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  1. Victorian

    Coolest Jeep ever!

    Just came across this beauty Walk through video:
  2. Victorian

    Advanced RV just raised the bar!

    Advanced RV in Ohio just released the video of their newest creation. They have set the bar very high with a lot of new innovations. We are proud to have been part of this project. Many more to come.
  3. Victorian

    Total Composites Slide In Camper Kits

    The Wait is over! The day has finally arrived to announce our newest camper design. SLIDE IN CAMPER KITS! Following the same concept as our well proven expedition truck bodies. With a thermal transfer free construction method and 100% composites that will last you a long long time. Incredible...
  4. Victorian

    Do it your self Fiberglass Extrusions by Total Composites

    We are super happy to announce the release of our brand new designed FRP extrusions to the Do It Yourself crowd. Make your dream a reality. We developed FRP extrusions that will give you the opportunity to build a camper with panels you manufacture yourself or purchase from a reputable...
  5. Victorian

    Slide in Camper Survey

    Slide in Camper survey TotalComposites is looking for your input! We love to engage with our customers and always appreciate feedback. No better place to ask a couple of questions than here on Expedition Portal :-) We are getting increased requests for slide in campers for all size pick...
  6. Victorian

    Total Composites full introduction!

    Hi everyone, Many of you are well aware of Total Composites and have already been in contact or met in person at overland gatherings. We made some great connections over the years. Thank you. We thought it was time to start a thread where we can show a bit more about...
  7. Victorian

    Ultimate F550 ArcLab / Total Composites camper for sale US$475.000

    Posting this for our customer For sale is a very very well outfitted almost new expedition truck based on a 2017 F550. With this truck no bolt was left untouched. Very well thought out interior with sleeping for 4. Open design with a beautiful full size bath, diesel oven and stove. Even an ice...
  8. Victorian

    Free shipping on planar diesel heaters!

    Free shipping on the super reliable planar diesel heaters
  9. Victorian

    Unimog to keep your kids busy :-)

    Hello everyone, Here is something fun! Feel free to download our Unimog camper logo for your kids. Post the creations here :-) #keepthekidsbusy
  10. Victorian

    Cool MAN Expo Camper in Germany (Video)

    Some very very cool details in this truck.
  11. Victorian by TotalComposites

    We just opened our new online store! 🍾 like our original store we are aiming to offer only the best gear/ components we have used ourselves for many years. Brands we carry: Tern Overland windows and doors Gateway full composites entry doors ( made by us!)...
  12. Victorian

    Wheel / tire options for 2019 ford transit

    Our 2019 cab chassis was delivered without a spare tire. A quick visit to the ford dealer revealed a $800 price tag for just the rim! That price is of course insane and I’m not willing to pay that. A couple years ago I paid $220 for a sprinter rim at Mercedes... In any case, I’m now looking for...
  13. Victorian

    Planar Diesel Heaters

    Many of you have seen and read about diesel furnaces. Several years ago we did our own research and settled with a 2D-12 from Planar (at full retail pricing). It blew us away how reliable and cost effective they are. As a result we wanted to share this experience with our customers and became...
  14. Victorian

    Velcro Based Drawer Organizers by Total Composites

    Hey everyone, We like to introduce you to our easy to adjust, super durable drawer organizers. Based on a very durable velcro pad that lets you adjust module within seconds! You all know the problem of rattling pots, pans, cups and plates while going down dirt roads. Not only can that noise...
  15. Victorian

    Sweet 404 camper

    I thought you guys may like seeing this sweet 404 Unimog being built by our friends at Camper Reparadise .
  16. Victorian

    Unimog museum

    Had a great day in Gaggenau Germany . Went for a ride in a 2 week old mog through the off road course. Highly recommended for anyone that is in to unimogs.
  17. Victorian

    Diesel heaters are now on sale!

    Anyone looking to upgrade their van heating system: we have some great savings throughout the thanksgiving long weekend! Planar diesel heaters ( Russian made and super reliable) Binar hydronic heaters to warm your engine Elgena water boilers (5 year warranty) Arctic tern windows and doors (...
  18. Victorian

    Total Composites Sale on Accessories

    Hey everyone! Long time member here and now also approved Forum vendor. Many of you know us already as a supplier of flat packed custom composite camper bodies. But did you know that we also carry hard to find quality components to outfit and improve your current camper, RV, Roof top tent...
  19. Victorian

    Ford Transit Cab Chassis with Composite Camper

    Hi everyone, I would like to introduce you to our next built. Considering cost, capabilities, availability, serviceability we selected a 2019 Ford Transit Cab Chassis Cut Away with a 3.7L gas engine as our base vehicle. No 4x4 yet. The plan is to have a Quickly system installed next spring...