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  1. FlipperFla

    12v plug & socket

    That’s about it. I think USB to usb c and micro will eventually take over.
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    Does low AC voltage damage electronics?

    Yes it will damage electronics, voltage goes down....current goes up. Those little power packs you are using are not capable of the current draw from an Inverter. You only have .5v before 10.5, the Inverter will shut down or burn up. I would also be concerned with a fire hazard besides damaging...
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    How do I auto switch between vehicle and solar for charging an Ecoflow Delta?

    With my system the switched output from the solar controller goes to a Blue Seas distribution block, positive to the positive buss and negative to the negative buss which is also goes to the trucks ground. Also connected to the distribution block is a Xantrex 20A Marine Charger that is...
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    Small Used Lite Weight Motorcycle Suggestions.

    We travel with a Yamaha Zuma 125 Great for campsite supply runs and exploring back roads.
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    Small Used Lite Weight Motorcycle Suggestions.

    Sweet! Was the passenger seat optional or custom? I’ve been eyeballing the new 125 looks nice with the disk brakes. Did you ever come across one with the oversized rear sprocket? When I was 13 my Dad bought me a Sport 50, then a Super 90, after that a 160 Scrambler, great bikes and memories.
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    Ballpark estimate for a custom canvas?

    IMO I would use sunbrella material. Its what they use in the marine industry, it “ breathes” so you won’t have a mold issues, available in a rainbow of colors.
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    Parasitic Battery Drain...

    Brake lights are on a always on circuit, not ignition. I would be looking at the switch at the brake pedal not completely disengaging. Put a voltmeter on the output of the pedal switch and see what you have.
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    Lets talk small generators!

    IMO it s important to remember if some of these companies are going to be around in a couple years. Warranty issues,service, parts availability. Where is the local WEN dealership? That’s why the knockoffs of the Honda’s and Yamahas are half the price. I owned a Honda EX1000 When they first came...
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    Where are good places to buy cable, wire, lugs, crimping tools, heat-shrink, bus bars, bus bar covers, main fuses, DC panels, AC panels, and so on?

    The marine connectors, shrink tubing, lugs and tinned wire the other posts are talking about is made by a company named ANCOR. Panels, buss bars, fuse blocks, distribution block .....Blue Seas System. IMO bulletproof West Marine (expensive) Hodges Marine Defender Catalog Another great product is...
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    Drones for Photography, Videography, who has em and who uses em?

    IMO I would ask a Ranger at the State Park where you are going to be. I asked at a park in Fl. and got a big no with a nasty attitude to go with it. Lots of parks are located where something historic happened, forts, battles, monuments? What was funny at that park you are allowed to use a metal...
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    Drones for Photography, Videography, who has em and who uses em?

    Just got a GPS Drone for Christmas. Still learning to fly. I watch best drone crashes on YouTube so I learn what not to do, seems the biggest hazards are trees. Some of the videos are pretty funny. 4K video, flight time 20 min. Streams video and still shots real time straight to my IPad Airll ...
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    To those with chev express under hood light experience

    They make led replacement bulbs. They are called rigid loop bulbs, a strip with 12 leds on it. The way it is configured you can install 2 of them back to back. Nice an bright, no more hot high amp bulb to drain your battery when the hood is open for an extended time. EBay 2 for $5
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    porta toilets

    The bottle works great, east to fill, just like a mini hydro spray for skid marks,lol. Another trick, I found a square car floormat at Wmart with high edges that fits perfectly under the PP for stray squirts.
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    porta toilets

    We have been using a PP for over ten years. Never had an issue with it sloshing around,leaking, smell or any other negative problem. IMO the 5gal is the way to go. The Wife is a big coffee drinker so we don’t have to stop for pee stops every 50 miles, especially with covid. We never have to use...
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    Mobile Internet

    We travel with a Verizon Hotspot. Works great. It gets better reception than my Wife’s IPhone on the same network. There are two ports for external antennas that I have seen on Amazon and EBay for around $30. I was going to get then but there was no need. It’s great cruising down the road with...
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    Pics of your VAN! Post up!

    Here is our rig..... 2000 Chevy Express.
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    To those with chev express under hood light experience

    Never had an issue with mine, if I am going to be wrenching with the hood open for any extended period of time I unplug it. It has a high current bulb and runs really hot.
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    It's a Van So Its Got To Have Stickers. Let's See Your Van's Stickers!

    We didn’t put them on our van, we went the camping box route!
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    Knife thread

    Check out Smoky Mountain Knife Works, ESEE and CRKT fan here. Happy shopping!