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  1. WeLikeCamping

    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    I use my Volcano all the time when I go out. It is perfect for two, and I've cooked for 4 on it before. It collapses down to about a 22"x 10" disk. I pretty much always use it with Propane- with the BBQ size tank. As a propane campfire, it's a flame. That's about it - but with propane it...
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    Recommendation for a <$200 camp BBQ?

    Check out the Volcano 3 multi fuel grill.
  3. WeLikeCamping

    Recommendations for rechargeable LED lantern for table?

    I have the same problem. Bright white LEDs are great outside for area lighting, but inside my shelter I prefer a dimmer, more yellow light. I found a three pack of battery powered lights at Costco that work pretty well. Candles are nice too.
  4. WeLikeCamping

    Driving a 30’ Box Truck Over Engineer Pass, in an attempt to prove SWB 4x4 drivetrains aren’t really needed....

    There are more than a few spots along that road where one might think, "WTH am I doing here!" I'm experienced with navigating unknown trails with GPS, but that doesn't mean I leave common-sense at camp.
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    In Praise of Pie Irons

    I bought a couple - the Rome original pie iron, and a cheap knockoff from WalMart. I'm working on recipes. My best so far, Red/White/Blue bread from Wildflower. Get it unsliced. Slice it thick, I go about an inch. Butter one side and lay it in the iron. Fill with fresh fruit - peach slices...
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    Portable Charcoal Grills

    As usual, I'm late to the party. Two comments - 1 - those throwaway easy light grills you buy at the grocery? Don't. They aren't worth the effort. 2. Check out the Volcano - I have the Volcano 3 and it works great as a...
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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    Ah, I found it - out of the thousands of camping images I have, the obligatory hash brown shot :) . The bag in the blue pot is sausage gravy, which will top the hash browns. The hot water will be used for cleanup, then will go into a bucket for fire control.
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    Freeze dried hash browns - who else likes them?

    You can't really form a cake, but what I do is layer them in the pan - onions and peppers first into hot avocado oil, then a layer of hash browns, now cheese, peppers and onions and another layer of hash browns. Liberal salt and pepper Finish off with onions and peppers and cheese, with dots...
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    What equipment do you use to stay connected when working remotely?

    I have a Weboost DriveX RV with a 25' mast. I use my Verizon phone with unlimited data as a hot spot. If I can get a decent signal, the booster helps for devices near the internal antenna, and I've been able to stream video in many cases - again, it depends on signal strength. At the very...
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    Southfork Colorado.

    Don't watch videos. pics would be nice.
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    The 191 is pretty awesome - and very windy. When it says 15mph, heed it, especially pulling that trailer. There is all sorts of awesome camping/riding around Alpine - and if you are into campgrounds, there are a few - but not opening until the end of June. Plenty of dispersed all around...
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    Cinder Hills OHV Flagstaff Arizona

    It's really a nice area, but it seems like it's also 24x7 OHV activity. Also the cinders are really hard on tires, but it's one of those places where you have to visit at least once.
  13. WeLikeCamping

    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    I went through Natural Bridges and Capitol Reef last September, pulling a 25 foot Toyhauler. There are a few dispersed camping sites, but the road is winding and narrow, very difficult to pull a large trailer AND enjoy the immense beauty around you. We are looking at doing it again, but this...
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Kenny - your travels were epic and inspiring. I've used your thread to research places I want to see in the PNW. You should write a book. seriously. Whether you do or not, thanks for sharing your adventures, and thanks to expedition portal for providing a forum for you to share them on.
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    Portable propane fire pit

    I have a Camp Chef as well, but I don't cook on it. I agree that it is not as good as a wood fire, but it's better than no fire. Based on comments on this forum, I also recently purchased a Volcano 3. I understand that while it can be used as a propane firepit, it is better used as a grill...
  16. WeLikeCamping

    Camp Chef Everest or Eureka Spire LX Two Burner

    I have a Camp Chef Everest. I am pleased with it's performance. I have a Tee that I can mount on the propane tank and run three different propane-fueled devices.
  17. WeLikeCamping

    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    I'm gonna have to review some of your locations - I'm planning a month traveling up through eastern California to Oregon. I'll be pulling a 25 foot TH, but leaving the toy at home. If you have any recommendations for places to stop, I'm all ears.
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Keep up the great posts - you are an inspiration. I doubt that I could ever be half the mechanic you are, but I totally dig the exploration, attitude and locales.
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    My Solo Wanderings of the West

    Possibly sunning by the pool in my neck of the woods?