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    Should FWC's Swift & Fleet be marketed towards Tacomas?

    Hey guys, My old roommate (who has a 4WD Toyota Tacoma) reached out to me regarding buying a truck camper for his rig. Since I've seen a lot of FWCs on Tacos, I did a little bit of research and found that the Swift (935 lbs) and the Fleet (1,045 lbs) are specifically marketed towards the Toyota...
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    Two Arctic Tern Windows (Colorado Springs)

    I have two Arctic Tern Windows (450x900 / 17.72" x 35.43" ) that I was planning on using on my spacekap but never got the chance to. They are located in Colorado springs and come with the screens. One of the windows has a small scratch on it. $650 for both of them. Brian - 775 453 3831
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    Spacekap Plus Camper (Sold)

    Well the time has come to sell my beloved spacekap. I found out recently that later this year I will be moving to a place where I wont be able to use the cap. I understand that these things can take time to sell so I decided to list to for sale earlier rather than later. You can see the build...
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    Another Spacekap Build

    I recently picked up a spacekap plus off of CL and decided to build it out. Prior to the spacekap I had a Leer 122 topper. This worked pretty well with myself and the lady but when we picked up a newfoundland dog the topper got a little cramped. The current plan is to use the Spacekap for the...
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