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  1. LowTech

    WTB Dometic CFX40

    In the high desert of SoCal. Looking for the discontinued version of Dometics CFX 40. Need that version as it still has the compressor vents on what would be the front in my application/space.
  2. LowTech

    Rolling with our 6x6 Beasties

    Some of the people that follow our travels are on here, so I thought it was about time to start a thread about them (the "Travels", not the people):ylsmoke: We've been rolling these rigs for a few years now and previous adventures are at my site, Dirt Track Travels I'm going to start with...
  3. LowTech

    6x6 w/ RTT

    Thought I'd share some photos of my OVERSIZE truck, w/ my RTT (Rail Top Tent) And my Expedition Trailer, :sombrero:
  4. LowTech

    propane heaters

    I've been looking to add some kind of heater to the box on our M109, it's 12'x8' so it would not need to be anything huge. Just spent a couple hours searching, and reading, does not seem like I have too many options. At the moment I'm thinking of going w/ a cat heater and venting . . . but I am...
  5. LowTech

    M109 Camper - Spacial Transformations style

    I've been promising to some of you that I would do a build thread when we (finally) got started . . . that time has come. We spent the last year getting to know the rig, sealing leaks, singling out the rears & changing the tranny, re-deucing the sound levels, sanding, filling the floors and...