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  1. T4R@DNA

    How many here completely trust their LC 80's?

    my has 200k + Trust, Trust. Like any old vehicle it need service and attention. Sound like you unsure, you might consider something newer (4Runner, Taco, but they are not 80series though) to give you more piece of mind especially taking the whole family with you for camping.
  2. T4R@DNA

    Quit my job, sold my stuff, packed up the dogs and went on the road!

    Thanks! Your rig looks Awesome. After all they both Toyota. Please sure to looks us up. I'll follow you on Instagram.
  3. T4R@DNA

    Quit my job, sold my stuff, packed up the dogs and went on the road!

    Wow! I don't know you, but your story inspiring me. Most of us living in our modern society get so attach to the rat race and forgot to live life. I live in Northern California in the mix of hi tech boom, but I'm not in the hi tech.I'm in the food service industry owning my own cafe Called Black...
  4. T4R@DNA

    Best Cruiser for a global expo vehicle?

    Not sure your reason of 25 yrs or older, but if you for go that criteria, with U.S. Residence, 1fzj (80 series). Easy to find parts, comfortable, affordable, reliable roomy. I travel with my wife and 2 labradors.
  5. T4R@DNA

    ATX: land cruiser 80 or 60 or ? purchase

    First of all get rid of Dah Mechanic. He probably hate Yota. 2. For my personal experience, Toyota(s) are All I Owned, 40, 80, 4runners, Supra. They are reliable exceptional vehicle to certain level. You must do basic maintenance.
  6. T4R@DNA

    What to look for on a 1975 FJ40?

    Doing one right now!
  7. T4R@DNA

    80 series too old for expedition?

    Yep, CAN'T AGREED MORE WITH Upland 80. My 80 read 194k on the clock. Never hesitant to take on the road trip with family. Just came from Death Valley (1,000mi) trip. Went to Mojave National Park last year logged in 1,200mi. Of course like any vehicle you must do your maintenance. Cooling is...
  8. T4R@DNA

    Bay Area Offroad / Overland Amateur Radio Net

    I want to get my license first. Any suggestion where to start?
  9. T4R@DNA

    Latest Photo?

    Mojave National Preserve, Cal
  10. T4R@DNA

    Latest Photo?

    Soda Spring lake bed at Mojave National Preserve
  11. T4R@DNA

    In Our Possession a LX450

    Congrat. Any Pic?
  12. T4R@DNA

    Ironman, EFS or OME (Old Man Emu) suspension for 80-Series overlander?

    Spring are 851 and 860. lift aprox. 2.5" the whole kit comes with caster correction, steering damper.
  13. T4R@DNA

    Ironman, EFS or OME (Old Man Emu) suspension for 80-Series overlander?

    Depend on your pocket book: I bought 2.5 OME kit for my 80 series, money well spent for Overland if you ask me. The ride quality is superb.
  14. T4R@DNA

    My New Land Cruiser

  15. T4R@DNA

    The Restoration And Build Thread For My 1992 FJ80

    Looks like lots of time and patience turn out great. 2 thumbs up!
  16. T4R@DNA

    80 Series build - The Land Yacht

    One BEAUTIFUL RIG YOU GOT. I have both the 3rd Gen 4Runner and '97 LX450, Definitely like to drive the LX450. Btw, Did you have to upgrade your differential since you using 37?
  17. T4R@DNA

    Bare minimum upgrades for hundy for light/moderate off-road use

    Maintenance Lot's of good points. To top it off, don't forget your basic maintenance. Make sure you able to get to your destination and back safely, after all these vehicle are average 10 yrs young.