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    1995 E350 7.3 4x4 SOLD

    1995 Ford E350 7.3 turbo diesel 4x4 conversion van. SOLD Good running and driving condition with 168k miles Never driven in the winter under our ownership. Time to spend the money on other projects as we just are not using this much. Now is a perfect time to purchase a great reliable rig. Lots...
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    1995 E350 Quigley wont shift through gears in 4-low

    Runs and shifts great in 4x4 high and 4-low it just stays in first gear or second if I choose it on the shifter. Wont shift through the gears. Any idea what I should look for first? Running down the road its normal Thanks
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    7.3 High Pressure Oil Lines (anyone replaced them?)

    How the heck do you do this? Seems like the turbo and fuel bowl come out to do this? I have a couple of bigger trips planned this summer and would really like to have new lines in there so I am not worried about them blowing. Original as far as I can tell with 166K and its a 1995 so pretty old...
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    7.3 Smoke on cold start

    I have a 95 E350 7.3 that has been smoking some on colder that I mean anytime the engine has not been run in 24hrs or so. It does go away when its hot out (70+) but smokes a decent amount of bluish smoke. Its burns the eyes pretty bad and smells a bit like fuel so I am apt to say its...
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    Spare tire size, largest size in stock location

    Anyone know what will fit under the tail of an E350 EB van? Dropped my current spare and it rough and the stock size. Van currently has 305/65/17. Don't need as fat a tire, just close to the same diameter hopefully but not sure it will fit.
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    Converting a 1991 E350 to 4x4?

    Possibly thinking of purchasing a 91 E350 that is currently a 2wd rig. I know the kits available are for 4th gen vans not 3rd gens. What would I be looking at to swap one of these? The tranny is an E40D so that should be easy enough but how about the rest? I am not a fabricator or welder. Bolt...
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    Water in foot well area? Possible windshield issue

    We recently had the van up for sale but decided we just cant part ways with it at this time. We have had a couple off rainy days the past week or so and the van has just been sitting (95 E350 hightop). I went to move it yesterday so I could get my trailer out and noticed that the foot well on...
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    Mounting an awning with a high top

    How are people doing it? E350 with a high roof, ex ambulance. Not sure if the skin is Fiber glass or an aluminum skin. Would like a bracket into the gutter but not finding a ton of info. Could always drill the top and add some backing plates and mount to those, but would rather not have that...
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    7.3 Diesel what should be replaced

    As some as you may know, we toss the idea around of selling our van and then decide we like it too much and hang onto it. In that light I think I would like to do some maintenance to her as she is a 95 with 160K on the clock now. I believe I am starting to get a few glow plugs that are not...
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    1995 Quuigley fuel tank options

    After noticing some small drip marks after parking for a period of time and spending a good bit of time looking over the engine for the leak I eventually found the source of the leaking fuel to be coming from the front welded seam on the fuel tank. Van is a 95 7.3 quigley so I believe the tank...
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    Lets talk about EGT on E350 7.3's

    I know, I know just google it and read the bazillion posting about EGTs on 7.3 that have been talked about.......I did. I know that we can sustain about 12,500 pretty comfortably and safely according to Ford, but anything much above that for time could do bad things. Here is my situation which...
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    WTB Power Converter

    My converter in my sunlite decided that when plugged into shore power, 19 volts would be a good idea for the system. Needless to say I need to replace it and was curious if anyone had an old one kicking around. Takes 110V and makes it 12v for appliances. Pretty small stock unit currently so dont...
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    Electrically challenged....Help me design a house battery system

    In theory this should be a simple task, however I seem to be going around in circles in my head trying to figure it out. The vehicle is a 1995 Ford E350 7.3 ambulance with just a basic high top. Vehicle has two starting batteries that are under the hood and wired in parallel. When the house uses...
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    Do you check or rent skis?

    Headed out to Colorado next week for some skiing fun, we plan to be out there for ten days but skiing four days total probably. Do you guys normally rent skis once you are out there or check them with the airlines? Seems it will be about $50 per day to rent skis out there x 2 so thats a bit of...
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    Adding Tie Down Points

    I recently picked up a 1987 Sunlite Hawk camper to try out in my Frontier. Working on coming up with a good tie down solution for securing it to my truck. I bought the front mounts from Torquelift and have them installed but do not really want to install the rear units. My thought is to install...
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    1 KZ-TE help

    Toyota with the 1kz-te turbo diesel, swapped with a half clip into a 1995 toyota four runner. Vehicle was running fine and was shut down to fuel up, now it won't start and only cranks. The engine has a mechanical fuel pump that is electronically controlled. It's currently getting no fuel and...
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    1995 E350 4x4 7.3 Powerstroke Van (trade?)

    UPDATE: NEW PRICE $10,900 11/09/16 THINKING OF SELLING AGAIN. We have found something else we would like to try and thus this must go. Few more miles at 160K and a few more new parts. Seeing what interest is out there. The interior has changed some, now has space under the bed for two kayak's...
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    What track bar

    As usual, headed out for the weekend in the van and just found my track bar bad some serious play. I believe it's a Quigley specific part. Vans a 1995 e350 from Quigley. Can anyone confirm this? I want to find a replacement today but doubt I will if it's Quigley specific. Here's the part number...
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    Alternator choices

    My van recently started not charging at times after start up. Alternator would load up, batter light would come on and the volts would remain low. I believe it must be something in the alternator, stock 1995 7.3 ambulance with 156k on it. Removed the alternator last night and determined its a...
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    Advice on rust repair, what would you do?

    My 1995 e350 ambulance van is starting to show a little age on the lower rockers and behind the rear wheels. I have some holes very low behind the wheels and starting to get some very light bubbles along the rockers. I took it to a body shop and had it checked out, while the guy said its not bad...