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  1. Romer

    Wanted Kimberley Kamper

    My daughter wants to buy a Camper (Kamper) and missed my old one by a week when it went back on the market after 5 years. Thought I would see if anyone is contemplating selling theirs
  2. Romer

    Kimberley Kampers new US Rep David Bates who also is the Conquerer rep in Ohio is adding Kimberley Kampers to his line-up. I know of two people that have already worked with David. I also am working a part upgrade through him rather than the factory. My rear support struts are fine, but...
  3. Romer

    Any Alu-Cab Gen III RTT owners get the side cover

    With my 200 series, I have to have the ladder on the side, looking at the side awing and wondered if any one had it? Curious if it gets in the way of closing the tent up
  4. Romer

    23Zero Awning and Gamiviti quick disconnect brackets

    I went to see Tim at Gamiviti where I bought my roof rack and he was nice enough to show me both the Batwing and 23Zero awnings. They are both nice products. I like the Batwing being able to put a stake in through the pole. The 23Zero requires a rope and stake. Both have legs that drop down...
  5. Romer

    Winter storage for Lithium Batteries

    I am looking at swapping my AGM batteries for Lithium batteries (LifePRO). My only concern right now is winter storage I have a detached non insulated garage I keep my Karavan in. In Colorado there are days (not a lot) it gets below zero sometimes (rarely) below -10F. The temp in the garage...
  6. Romer

    Aluminum Clam Shell RTTs

    I have been doing a lot of research on the aluminum hard shell RTTs. Just a personal preference as I like those over Fiberglass ones I developed the below table to help me compare. I have links on vendors and reviews in my table, but can't see how to post a table here. So here is a screen...
  7. Romer

    Roofnest Falcon RTT

    Anyone seen one personally The competition are Eezi-Awn stealth and Blade Alu-Cab Camp King...
  8. Romer

    Oztent Oxley 5 Lite Tent , it looks like the JetTent 25 (also by Oztent)

    This tent is $450 cheaper than the JetTent I have and looks the same. Anyone have any experience with it? I see the JetTent 25 is sold out everywhere I asked the company rep...
  9. Romer

    Mounting ideas for CVT MT Bachelor Summit Extended

    I just bought a CVT MT Bachelor Summit Extended. Much of the reported weight is the zip on room which I likely wouldnt used. Still the RTT is heavier and a bit taller than my previous RTTs With my low profile rack it was a pain to mount. Lifting on and off the truck won't be an issue because...
  10. Romer

    My journey to a GPS Solution

    I have changed gears on GPs. I was using a laptop and then an 8” tablet with memory map and topo USA with a blue tooth GPS receiver. Never was very happy with it. Tracks and the map showing the trail both were lacking on a trail Cdan and I were discovering in Moab earlier this month. My setup...
  11. Romer

    OZ Tent RV 4, side and front panels

    I bought the RV4 since it would fit two large cots and still have plenty of room. It also fit nicely under the canopy of my Kamper which I no longer have. We used it once in the Ouray campground. I have never even taken the side panels or front panel which make another room out These are...
  12. Romer

    2004 Well Built Land Cruiser

    See the ad on Mud
  13. Romer

    Kamper Build Aussie Style - Romers new Kimberley Karavan

    I know, I called my Kimberley Kamper my Goldilocks Kamper in this thread, that it was just right. It was just right for over 5 years. The adventure trailer RRT setup was too small and uncomfortable for me. The Jayco offroad pop-up had gotten too big as you deployed two large beds and was...
  14. Romer

    Anyone ever ship a trailer

    I bought a Kimberley Karavan and it will be at the port of LA around mid November with potentially two weeks to get through paperwork I am debating on picking up (my preference) or shipping it. I have picked up a lot of vehicles, but time may not allow me to pick this up Since it is new, I...
  15. Romer

    SOLD Kimberley Kamper For Sale - Australian Built Kamper one of 28 in the USA

    SOLD Selling my 2002 Kimberley Kamper - $15,000 I have owned it for 5 years and always kept it in the garage Replaced the two Batteries in May this year Replaced the 3 tires (Includes spare) With BFG AT KOs last year Modified to have dual Batteries, Fridge/Freezer and propane heat as shown in...
  16. Romer

    Power tank vs Puma Compressor vs ARB Twin vs ARB Twin kit Test Results

    I searched for information on which setup was better and now that I have all 4 I ran a test. I am putting lockers in my 40, so rather than buy a compressor for the lockers and another for the tires, I bought the twin and mounted it under the seat in the cab Note: after the initial test with...
  17. Romer

    SOLD ARB Simpson III RTT with Changing Room- In Denver

    I am selling my ARB Simpson III RTT with changing room and new cover reviewed by Kurt here I Haven't really used it since the Maze and I do have an Oztent RV4 now I never took the changing room...
  18. Romer

    Article on different camping setups

    I know some of you are members of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association, but many are not. I wrote a story in the current issue of Toyota Trails about my experience finding the right balance between family, comfort and ruggedness. It is also available on line so I thought I would post the link...
  19. Romer

    An Oztent to complement my Kamper, maybe even replace the RTT

    I have the Kimberley Kamper which sleeps two comfortably. You could sleep 3-4 putting two on the floor, but that gets tight with a lot of people in a tight space. For more rugged expedition camping I have an ARB Simpson RTT Since my daughter has a steady BF of two years, thinking of getting...
  20. Romer

    WTB Oztent

    let me know what you have. Its going to be a companion to my RTT or my Kimberley for when My daughter her boyfriend join me