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  1. stormlover

    Bilstein 7100 valving?

    Current valving profile on my 4x4 E350 with a 4" lift is: 360/80 linear (Front) and 360/240 digressive (rear). This is what was spec'd from Deaver Spring when I upgraded to their spring package. Has anyone tried 400/100 valving? My rig feels a bit undershocked and has some pogo action...
  2. stormlover

    FS: Enspired Engineering Pro series Curved 50" LED Bar

    I couldn't fabricate a rain gutter mount to my liking on my E350 van so this has got to go. This 50" curved straight bar is brand new. Retail is $700. Asking $350 shipped anywhere in the lower 48...
  3. stormlover

    FS 5-315/75R16 GY Duratracs on 8x6.5 ATX Mojave wheels, Flagstaff AZ $700-SOLD

    The wheels are alloy American Racing ATX Mojave Teflon finish. Size: 16x8, offset 0, backspacing 4.5. The 315/75R16 Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs have 25k on them with tread depth varying from 10/32 to 11/32". E-rated with a load rating of 3650lb at 65psi. Mounted and balanced and ready to...
  4. stormlover

    Sizing up on wheels

    For those of you with heavy vans and e-rated 35" tires: Have you gone 17" and ended up wishing you'd gone with 18s or vice versa? With a 17" you have more sidewall for airing down off-road but the tire choices are limited. The load ratings are less as well with most being 3195lb at 65psi...
  5. stormlover

    FS: Inspired Engineering Cherokee V2 XJ 50" LED Bar mount

    I bought these rain gutter mounts in a raw finish hoping to fabricate or make them work with a 50" light bar on my E350 van. I decided to go in a different direction. Retail is $122.50 with the security bolts. Asking $50 plus shipping. See here for details...
  6. stormlover

    FS: Crawlbright 50" LED light bar-new

    I decided to go in a different direction with my lighting project. This 50" straight bar is brand new and still in the box. Incl. is the wiring harness. Retail is $449. Asking $250 plus shipping. 50" Light Bar...
  7. stormlover

    Chassis Unlimited 3.5" axle tube shock bracket

    Leftover from an axle swap that didn't get used. $25 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48. Factory Style Replacement Lower Shock Mount, Axle Side -1/2" Shock Eye Mounting Hole-1.75" Shock Mounting Width(If yours is Smaller, Use Spacers/Washers) -Kit includes 2X Bracket Mounts-Laser Cut from...
  8. stormlover

    Sold: Smittybilt Beaver Step

    Beaver Step for stepping on to get to stuff on the roof or roof rack as well as for use with a tow strap. $40 paypal plus shipping.
  9. stormlover

    OME shocks for a 2004-2007 Sportsmobile

    As the title says, shameless plug for a set of 4 that I have for sale in the classifieds. These are new, in the box, and custom-valved for the Old Man Emu spring pack that SMB spec'd on...
  10. stormlover

    FS: OME shocks custom-valved for 2004-2007 Sportsmobile

    A set of 4 still in the packaging. I replaced my springs on my 2004 E350 Sportsmobile with Deavers and Bilstein shocks so I never used the OMEs. I purchased them from SMB West about 2 years ago for $100 ea. They are custom-valved shocks for the OME spring package installed on the early 2004...
  11. stormlover

    FS: Outback Awning by Technitop-new

    I purchased the awning in 2009 for use with my Toyota Landcruiser but never used it. It includes an aluminum rail I fabricated to attach the awning to Yakima bars. I ended up buying a different rig with a penthouse top and there was no way to use it with the top up so it's been languishing in...