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  1. boll_rig

    Custom Suburban Poptop Camper (Photos)

    I have a build thread going but figured I would post some photos of my finally finished custom pop top for my suburban. Been chipping away at this project for about 15 months now and its finally "done." Here are a few photos: Storage boxes that double as small steps to get into the...
  2. boll_rig

    CO, UT, NV, OR, CA - Timelapse Video

    Now I know I said video but this is actually a super 8 film that I made while driving around the west in July. Not your typical overland trip report but I thought I'd share it here with you guys anyway. For most of these 3,800 miles I was traveling solo in my 2003 suburban, starting in...
  3. boll_rig

    Canyonland's WHITE RIM ROAD - Tacoma and Dirtbikes

    How's it going everyone. Thought I'd share a couple photos from a "recent" trip to Canyonlands where myself, Miniorf and his custom Tacoma, and friend Cam traveled the white rim road. We did the trip over three days, taking our time to enjoy the scenery! We rode the trail from west to east in...
  4. boll_rig

    4 Days, 1200 km in Morocco - Video and Photos

    Over the course of this 4-day journey I shot 3 rolls of super 8 film to document the country and our interaction with it and its people. This is the film from that time. But first, a little background to how we got there and got ourselves into this little overland adventure: So about 2 years...
  5. boll_rig

    2003 Suburban 1500 Pop Top Conversion

    I have been thinking for a while now about making a pop-top roof for my suburban so I can have an upper sleeping area above the vehicle and space for storage below. I finally got started on it so I figured I'd post the progress. Although I'm partial to the square body Suburbans I have a 2003...