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    Hard-sided wedge style pop-up camper shell currently in development/testing in the mountains of Wyoming

    seems like the straight up pop of the hiatus and the wedge are different enough, that the geometery etc, simply couldn't be the same. also just the overall different design seems like wouldn't be an issue. luckily there is plenty of room for innovation in this new segment..
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    Cap/Topper Style, flip up rear window or Barn Doors???

    just got a topper with a single barn door, took the tailgate off, it is definitely really great for camping, actually feels like a 'camper.' It is also super easy to access the back of the truck when standing on the ground as you dont have to reach over the tailgate, but makes it definitely...
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    Hard-sided wedge style pop-up camper shell currently in development/testing in the mountains of Wyoming

    now were talking! been thinking of this concept, makes so much more sense than a tent. any updates or pics on prototype or anything? thx
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    Yeti Overland’s Tundra OVRLND Camper build

    looks great, bet that is going to be a sweet setup.. how you get two ovrlnds before i could get one.. 😂
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    DIY 5 pound propane tank bracket

    nice, been thinking about something similar, but that is nice and simply, thanks for sharing! you could prob sell those for a hundred bucks.. :p
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    Take the Truck's 84 Xtracab Pickup Build

    wow, sweet truck, did you do the paint job yourself? how did you get the decals off? thanks!
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    Need help deciding, Why a Tacoma over a full size truck?

    just my two cents.. dont underestimate the reliability and longevity of a toyota... other brands may be 'catching up' but there is a reason you see so many older toyotas on the road (and off road)... especially important when buying used imo.
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    OVRLND camper topper

    hey pitchpt (or anyone else) was wondering if you got a weight for your full size truck camper (i know jay says sub 300lb) but was wondering if that was for smaller trucks.. or more importantly how difficult it is/was to take off/put on. thanks!
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    New product debut by Four Wheel Campers

    hmmm .. yeah looks exactly like an OVRLND...
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    OVRLND camper topper

    thanks pitchpt, that is even bigger (wider) than i thought, definitely a big part of why i want an ovrlnd. i have a 2009 white extended cab tundra, so i really enjoy seeing an ovrlnd on my (basically) exact same truck. how do you have your interior built out (if at all)? thanks again!
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    OVRLND camper topper

    nevermind looks like they are all 80" long x width of the box (roughly 62" on tundra i believe)... seems very big to me... been looking at other pop top wedge shells, but the beds seem so small like 48" or 50" x 80". Getting a full foot more in width at the top and the extra tall, straight...
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    OVRLND camper topper

    wow, this looks great 7' high is impressive and full 3 feet high in the bed, nice! so what are the bed dimensions on this tundra model?
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    Go Fast camper XL for sale!!

    hi is this gfc still for sale? thx!!