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  1. GonzoShinyPants

    Fraud Alert!!!

    Yes I've seen a similar scam and it appears that one person tells you to contact another member (like the prior post about the warn winch) to get the item...
  2. GonzoShinyPants

    For Sale: ARB 63 Quart Fridge Freezer (Mebane, NC)

    Hey looks like this will work great for me, I'm in Raleigh. Trying to PM you and getting a server error. I'll try again in a little bit. thx
  3. GonzoShinyPants

    Watch out for Scammers

    Interesting, I got the same thing on a different WTB post
  4. GonzoShinyPants

    SOLD: Hitch Rack System Overlanding & Expedition Hot Water Shower & Spare Carrier

    Hey there, I see you had this on a GX470. I'm curious what you liked and didn't like and what you changed/upgraded to to replace this - assume a bumper. Thanks for your input
  5. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB portable Fridge

    Hey thanks for the response, I don't see the CFX40 on their website, is that one discontinued? They have the CFX3 series now, which I'm guessing might be the new version of the CFX line. Just trying to do some research on it. I need to be able to plug it in to an AC outlet when not in the truck...
  6. GonzoShinyPants

    WTS Rhino Rack Batwing 270 Awning Drivers side. Sale pendingSealy TX

    Do you have any tapered zip extensions you can sell?
  7. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB portable Fridge

    You selling the Dometic's? price and where are you? what model exactly?
  8. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB: Batwing/Foxwing *tapered* awning extensions (1 or 2)

    If you have one or more of these with or w/out poles or the carrying case please message me thx
  9. GonzoShinyPants

    ARB 63 Quart Fridge and Slide- SOLD

    Is this still available and can the slide be modded back to allow the tilt?
  10. GonzoShinyPants

    Looking for MAXTRAX Mounting Pin Set

    Just my two cents but once you actually use your boards and want to be able to put them on the truck and take them back off on a trail the pins are going to be annoying. Try 2 Frontrunner stratchits for a way to quickly secure them and also take them off and put back on quick and easy
  11. GonzoShinyPants

    FOUND -- WTB: REI Kingdom 8 Tent

    Just had my kingdom 6 go through 3 nights of 25+ mph sustained winds in several directions. With guy lines it will hold.
  12. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB: Batwing/Foxwing *tapered* awning extensions

    Looking for 1 or 2 of these, depending on price, thx!
  13. GonzoShinyPants

    REI Kingdom 8 Tent & Connect Tech Garage for sale - $425

    I'll just chime in for anyone looking, I have the Kingdom 6 and have been very happy. Mine, and it appears this one, too has a "room divider" giving you total privacy in one section of the tent even with no rain fly on. I have set mine up by myself multiple times and it's really not that bad. It...
  14. GonzoShinyPants

    Differential Breather, but what about transfer case

    Quoting your comment about 2006+ FJ Cruisers having the extended breathers for front diff and transmission, do you know if this applies to the Lexus GX470 also?
  15. GonzoShinyPants

    +++ForSale: BFG KO2, KM3, AEV, ARB, Rugged Ridge, Smittybilt

    Hey I PM'd you about a few items, didn't hear back just checking... thx
  16. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB: Foxwing/Batwing tapered zipper extensions

    Awesome thx for the suggestion I'll check it out
  17. GonzoShinyPants

    WTB: Foxwing/Batwing tapered zipper extensions

    These are not the same as the "2.5m awning extension" that is just square/rectangle. The zippered extension is flared so they can be zipped together to enclose the area under the awning. Prefer gently/rarely used but will consider what you have. I'm looking for 2 or maybe even 3 at a good price...