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    Off Grid Trailers Pando 2.0 & Expedition 2.0 In stock and ready for Adventure!

    I am sure this has been taken into consideration. Besides the stereo is optional. A bluetooth speaker and my phone work great for us.
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    Trailer recommendation with great outdoor kitchen?

    Off Grid Trailers Switchback. New model coming out soon. You can choose from a rear kitchen or side kitchen. Base price is $19,900 for the US. Tent, awnings, and delivery not included in that price. I own the Expedition 2.0 model and love it. After many years of owning a variety of trailers we...
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    Do people really take their off-road teardrops through gnarly trails?

    I dunno, as others have said gnarly probably means different things to different people. I have taken mine down Lippincott in Death Valley, around Utah, spot in CO, and all over AZ. Length has never really been an issue. I have V'd out plenty of different trailers at the tongue but have never...
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    Off Grid Trailers Pando 2.0 & Expedition 2.0 In stock and ready for Adventure!

    It depends on if you are in the states or Canada. OGT doesn't hide pricing. You can go on the website and configure a trailer. Expedition 2.0 is $26,900 for the base price. Pando 2.0 is $27,900. After that it depends on what options you pick.
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    Unless you have the indoor RV antenna it has to be right next to it. Even in the RV setups I have seen I think you have to pretty close to it. My plan was to tether to my phone and leave it in place next to the antenna but it just hasn't worked well.
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    Mine hasn't worked worth a d@mn. First one failed. WeBoost sent a new one. It doesn't do a thing. I am very tech savvy, tried both antenna, and different locations. Tests show no signal gain. It's a paper weight for me. An expensive one at that sadly.
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    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    The fridge is supposed to know which power to draw from with both plugs connected. I do it all the time. Fridge is in the truck ready to run on 12 volt but when in the garage it is plugged into 110. Personally I usually turn it off, unplug 110, and then power it back on.
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    Hema vs Gaia

    Sounds like you have a wifi only iPad with no GPS.
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    Hema Maps

    There are some routes in the app tap Discover, Filter and only show 4X4 trails. With that said there is a lot more content from outside sources including, and others. Simply search for GPX files on the internet. Gaia help files can help show you how to import them.
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    Hema Maps

    Not available for Apple. I used it decades ago with a CE device and it was a nice app but that doesn't help iPhone users.
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    Hema Maps

    You just downloaded an app that has not been updated in over 2 years. Like most GPS app you can import and export GPX tracks. There are much better choices like Gaia GPS and Topo Maps +. Always check the last time an app was updated!
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    The Official Dometic CFX Fridge Feed!

    No and never and answer from Dometic either.
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    OZ Tent RV-5

    IMPORTANT NOTE Oztent RV-3, 4, or 5 required. Please note that The Tagalong Tent is not a free-standing unit.
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    Zone RV Expedition trailer

    Similar option sold out of OK, I met the owners at Expo East. Looks like they are making some improvements to the 2020 model.
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    Recommendations for off-road communications equipment or platforms?

    This ^------ Well stated I would ignore CB, start with an InReach, and a GMRS mobile radio and a couple of handheld radios. Then decide if you want Ham down the road.
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    New 270 Awning available.

    I know this reply is old but I am very happy with the 23 Zero awning. I have the new version with LST fabric (Blocks out more light/UV) If you put the panels on it creates a huge covered area. Adding even one can create a very large shaded area as the sun moves. As for rain no issues. I was on...
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    The Dometic CFX3 Mega Thread

    SAE plug has work well for me for years. ARB makes a split plug with cord if you want to use that. Take the end off and there are blade connectors. Put a couple of blade connectors on to a short cord with an SAE plug and you're done. Cutting and hardwiring also works.
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    iOS Editor for GPX files

    Yes, that is what I mean. There are a lot of sources which could be added. Maybe CalTopo if you wanted to add that on your own. There are a few if you sign up for a developer account that are free for low volume stuff. That is what I would use in this case. I am a heavy Gaia GPS user but it does...
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    iOS Editor for GPX files

    I have always used ADZE but will give your app a try! EDIT: The custom map option is great. It would be nice to add more than one option.
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    general thoughts on offroad teardrops? Think I might need a little more room.

    We love our Off Grid Expedition 2.0 trailer. It is very well built and handles all the terrain take it on. Someone commented that Teardrop trailers might not be able to handle offroading. There are well made trailers and there are not well made trailers. I don't care what form factor they come...