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    My turn ...

    South America is a fabulous part of the world .. good luck and enjoy your adventure. Rob B
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    SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale

    The vehicle is sold. Sale closed 2/11/19. Thanks to all those that expressed interest.
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    Does it makes sense to add a diesel fuel prefilter or second filter/water separator for South America?

    At a minimum you should carry spare filters and be able to change one yourself. While our experience is now a bit dated (2009/10) we got bad fuel between Nasca and Cusco that required an unscheduled fuel filter change. We were driving a 2007 Silverado Duramax and filters for that vehicle/engine...
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    Wanted: Mercedes Unimog or Mercedes 1017A

    Talk to Rob Pickering at Terry Lee Enterprises in La Junta CO, he might have something of interest. Certainly he is into Unimogs and other Euro trucks.
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    SOLD GXV Unimog U500 for sale

    SOLD - the sale closed 2/11/2019. Thanks to all those that expressed interest. Rob The time has come. Our 2003 Uimog U500 with a Global Expedition Vehicles camper (camper built in 2011-12) is for sale. Asking price is $225,000. Details of the vehicle, contact details and lots of images can be...
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    Balancing Tires 385/65R22.5 with a "balancing powder"

    have used powder in 295/60r22.5 on my Earthroamer. Seems ok Tried beads in 395/85r20 on my mog .. they glog up the valves. Now dont use anything in the 395s. At 80-90 kph they dont turn very fast so balancing does not seem to be an issue
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    2008 Earthroamer for sale

    As you can all see the vehicle is sold and I have accumulated one dissatisfied interested party.
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    2008 Earthroamer for sale

    Based on responses I maybe could have asked a little more - but my goal is to SELL - not to have it sit on my driveway or in a storage yard loosing value. Thanks for your comment.
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    2008 Earthroamer for sale

    Wow also - thats the first time in a long life that ANYONE has suggested that I had any taste/skill when it coms to graphic design. I guess thats a big compliment to bootstrap. Thanks
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    2008 Earthroamer for sale

    SOLD I have decided to sell my 2008 Earthroamer #75, asking price is $90,000. The vehicle is based on a 2008 Ford F550 6.4 Super duty. Current mileage 54,000. The vehicle is registered in South Dakota but currently located in the Seattle area. For full details, more and larger photos, and...
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    Mercedes Parts in North America

    I agree with Charlie re Neil he is on the ball. Might also try Rob Pickering at Terry Lee Enterprises in La Junta CO and I have also used Salt Lake City Freightliner for U500 parts. Would also consider Erik at He is inbyhe Netherlands but deals in old Mercedes trucks.
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    How do I find good insurance for a u500 with a camper?

    I use Progressive for my U500 camper. I recently added the U500 back onto my policy (have another RV with them also) as I am shipping it back to North America. Actually at this moment in Halifax waiting for it to clear the port.
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    Is a Unimog for me?

    You can not imagine the hassle getting a package consisting of a rear hub outer case, large and small gear wheel and a full set of bearings into Iran. All because the hub drained of oil without any outward sign of a leak. I would have noticed any leak because one of the front hubs had been...
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    Unimog expedition vehicle

    Wish I could get down to 3.55 m - that would have saved some parts of a Mulberry tree a few days ago in Cordoba Spain. I just did not think enough about exterior dimensions when this vehicle was being specified. I read about your no-start incident some where - I dont carry a Gold Star so would...
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    GXV Patagonia on the Kenworth K370 chassis

    The ULSD/DEF/AddBlue thing is a real dilemma for travelers to less "developed" parts of the world. And Mexico is NOT the real test. Its getting a bit dated now but I was in Russia and Central Asia in 2013 and noticed some of the Russian stations advertising Euro diesel. However locals I had...
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    Unimog expedition vehicle

    I apologize to everyone for this lengthy entry and that it probably sounds a bit too opinionated -- I should probably just keep my mouth shut but I cannot help myself. By way of credentials, you can read more of this on my website, but in brief: - My wife an I traveled from...
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    U1700L in a shipping container?

    Yes, both ways across the Atlantic we used (and we will use them again this year). They regularly ship European vehicles to/from Nth America and have people in each port to assist. For example in US ports you need someone with a TWIC card to drive the vehicle...
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    U1700L in a shipping container?

    Just to add my 2 cents worth to this discussion. My wife and I have shipped motorhomes/expedition vehicles RORO a number of times, Panama to and from Colombia Seattle to Vladivostok Antwerp to/from Halifax and we plan on Antwerp to Halifax again later this year No problems in regard to...
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    2005 Unimog U500 mirror question

    Thanks I will followup on this - would be nice to have wipers that actually clean the wind screen. My truck is currently stored in the Nethlands so I can access a "real" Mercedes dealer when I return.
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    2005 Unimog U500 mirror question

    On "height" - we occasionally come across an underpass or some such that is rated less than 4.0m. We have found that most rated at 3.8m or higher will allow us to pass as these signs tend to be conservative. However more frequently we find entry gates( with a topping arch), trees and wires an...