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    Rear main seal leak

    On a Baja trip two months ago I noticed a slight rear main seal leak - 2006 Tacoma V-6, 4.0L with about 150,000 miles. It's still very slight, a drip or two per day. So, do I just let it go until it gets worse? I figure the repair will be pretty costly to install a relatively inexpensive seal...
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    2nd generation Tacoma rack for Action Packers

    Custom made to securely hold three Action Packers. Mounts on top of the bed rails of a 2006 Toyota Tacoma, may fit other years. As you can see from the photos, there is still some limited visibility out the rear window. Item is located in the high desert in Hesperia, east of San Bernardino. $150...
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    Winch with a single battery?

    One battery vs two batteries is really the question. I'm not looking for the benefits of dual batteries as it is pretty obvious. How many have a winch onboard and only run one 12 v. battery? Ed
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    Action Packer rack helps with short bed storage

    Having a 2006 Tacoma, short bed, often presents storage (or lack of) issues on longer trips. Since we tent camp using cots and so forth we usually wished for the ability to take a few more things for comfort and also to extend our back country roaming. "Action Packer" storage are commonly used...
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    Tacoma Transmission Cooler

    I posted this on a Tacoma forum and got lots of views but no comments. Thought I'd try it here. I have a 2006 Tacoma, 4x4, Short Bed, Double Cab, V6. I'd like to add an auxillary transmission cooler because of the use I put the Tacoma through. Has anyone done this? Which cooler? with fan? How...