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    check your brake lines PSA

    Was driving a '65 Ford work truck many years ago on 4th of July. Pulled up to a stop sign - no brakes. Sailed RIGHT THROUGH A PARADE. Brake lines - important.
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    Interesting concept for engine removal, I have only used the two floor jacks (or trans jack) method. Since the trailer winches are designed for pulling, have you experienced any issues with control on lowering?
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    Long ago someone described a part as having the appearance of being made with compressed goat manure by itinerant rag pickers. That oil pump isn't far from that description... Fortunately being buried inside it doesn't detract from the purty painting!
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    Fiat Fullback Camper by Terranavtika

    That Sobol utility is really interesting. Would love to see a walk through of it, particularly the utility box. Spectacular country you travel in!
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    Project Little Van - Daily Vanagon/Adventure Rig

    Nothing like a project within a project within a... That looks like a really clean VW especially for Ohio. Looks like Rock!Auto to the rescue for parts.
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    Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

    Excellent footage, fortunately you weren't much affected by the ff smoke it appears. What are the little vehicles with the paddleboards?
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    Replacing carriage bolts on CCV high top

    Your replacement shoulder bolt should provide a much better hinge bearing surface than the original bolt. However... in both instances it appears there is not enough bolt length to fully engage the nylock nut. And, with the shoulder bolt the nut likely bottoms out prior to full engagement with...
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    What is an "Arsenal"

    An arsenal is where weapons are MADE, including firearms. Quite often, the donknownuthins' are misusing the word, when the correct term is armory, a place where weapons are stored & maintained. Like "National Guard Armory"; arsenal is from an arabic (and later Italian) word pertaining to the...
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    Anyone fly fish in stillwater?

    What works for me: Mountain lakes - typically brook trout, dry flies work great, no need to match a hatch the fish aren't that particular. Typically find best fishing is where the shoreline is steep, at base of cliffs & such. ALWAYS where the specific spot to be fished is in shade - the water...
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    The Restoration And Build Thread For My 1992 FJ80

    Also known as: "Mating fasteners are known by many different names: sex bolt, binding posts, Chicago screws, interscrews, barrel bolts, barrel nut, partition screws, door closure bolts, furniture screws, panel fasteners, architectural sex bolts, arch series screws, hinge screws, display...
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    "WYOMING OVERLANDING" And other life expeditions!

    Looks like the adventure! Is the fencing to keep goats out, or in? Goats are masters of escape, ours could open a latched gate with ease, as kids could levitate to the top of a truck hood. Wondrous to observe but for the damage inflicted by hooves & eating.
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    Meet the Trot'n Turtle - Unimog U1300L Build

    After reading through your Synchro build (3X) I can only say THIS IS GONNA BE GREAT! don't know how I missed the initial posting though, and the pics are not showing up today, but the video is? Have aviation plans taken a back burner?
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    83 Suburban build - Big truck for a big family!

    The trans is a 4 spd, with a very low 1st gear - you'll be best to start out most of the time in 2nd gear. Before replacing engine gaskets you may want to check the amount of engine blowby, to determine if gasket replacement is advisable. Distributor will likely benefit from disassembly...
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    1987 Ford E-350 4x4 Van

    Not mine, looks like a decent base for someone interested in a big engined van:
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    Two! 1982 Diesel Land Cruisers in Sandpoint ID

    Not mine, have enough projects already:
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    How Much Longer Until Diesel Is Phased Out?

    I'm afraid you are quite mistaken, perhaps led astray by the associated propagandists in the hysterical press. Perhaps you have not noticed that the charge was not "failed to pass" (which is a specific standard) but a nebulous, UN-provable charge of cheating. This is why the standards have been...
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    How Much Longer Until Diesel Is Phased Out?

    Eh, VW created diesel vehicles that passed emissions standards AND provided the performance and mileage buyers wanted. Nothing wrong or dishonest about that, its called innovation. What is dishonest is .gov attempting to create ex post facto laws and apply same, while dishonestly implying that...
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    Camping between Lewiston, Id and Missoula???

    Correction: and Stanley hot springs - day use only, That should read "Jerry Johnson Hot Springs" instead - Stanley is closer to Wilderness Gateway
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    Camping between Lewiston, Id and Missoula???

    Up Hwy 12, take Selway River road a dead end (pretty much) but well worth it for camping even if you need to backtrack to hwy 12 - lots of places along the river. Past Lowell, Wilderness Gateway campground - park in the horse trailer/backcountry area to explore on foot - feeling adventurous...
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    FJ40 Build thread - Hell's Kitchen

    Builds like this are both inspiring & motivational. Please continue with the update progress, as there are many (well, me & the other guy) who do not do facebook. BTW, looks like you have a very well lit & clean shop.