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    Coolant or distilled water?

    x2. Seems like a no brainer to me.
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    '98 4runner OME Springs and Bilstein 4600 shocks?

    Is there any reason I can't run OME lift springs with the Bilstein 4600 series front struts that I already have on my '98 4runner? OME info says their springs can't be used with the stock struts but the Bilsteins are quite a bit longer so I think they are no different than the OME struts...
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    Think I saw the new JL...and pickup version today

    Definitely a steering stabilizer that hangs below the axle. I notice it's got the Pentastar "loop" in the exhaust. I don't think that's a Dana 30 or 44 frontend though. Maybe FCA is going to an AAM set of axles. When I lived in Denver area, I regularly saw camo'd vehicles up on top of the Mt...
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    air filter options

    After running the AEM dryflow filter for about a year now and around 8000 miles, with many off road trips in there including Moab in dry summer, I pulled back the intake today and was happy to see that it was perfectly clean and pristine. In the past, with the OEM Chrysler and Purolator air...
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    The simple "rule of thumb" method I gave is accurate within a couple percent up to 10,000 ft, regardless of weather fluctuations (approx 1 or 2 % up or down from the 29.92" Hg standard). Keep in mind that the weather report always "corrects" barometric pressure for sea level, regardless of...
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    Yes, the engine ECU does read barometric pressure, although I don't remember the units Chrysler shows when reading OBDII. I know I've read it with my laptop, and I assume that scangauge could as well. While it varies by weather, standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is considered to be...
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    Bilstein front shock lower bushings

    I replaced the front upper ball joints on my '98 4runner this past weekend, and noticed that my front lower shock bushings are shot. These are Bilstein BE5-2450 4600 series shocks. Where can I find new bushings? Are the OEM bushings the same as the Bilstein? Thanks!
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    98 4runner front spring recomendations

    Thanks Kurt, I'll get with you next month on this. Is there any reason that the OME springs wouldn't work with my Bilstein 4600 (BE5-2450) front struts?
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    98 4runner front spring recomendations

    I bought my ARB bumper from Kurt back in December! Great folks and if I go OME on the springs, I will definitely get them from Cruiser Outfitters. Thanks!
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    98 4runner front spring recomendations

    Thanks! How much lift did the Eibach springs provide? Do you have a bumper and / or winch in front?
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    98 4runner front spring recomendations

    I recently bought a '98 4runner SR5 and I am looking for recommendations for new front springs. I've searched a bit but have not found the info I'm looking for. The previous owner put a 1.25" Daystar strut spacer lift with Bilstein 4600 shocks in the front and 1.5" Daystar spacer lift with...
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    Help with JK Rubicon models (from a Land Cruiser guy)

    Only if it shows a symptom. This usually is a check engine light for P0300, P0302, P0304, and/or P0306 fault codes (misfires on the even cylinders). Many reported ticking noises from the valvetrain. Mine never made any noise, just an intermittent, progressively more perstistent P0300 code at...
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    Xterra Storage Boxes Lets See Yours!

    Here is mine. I bought this for $60 from a guy on craigslist who had sold his X and wanted it out of this garage. He had it custom built for around $400 (according to him) with 300lb drawer slides and very HD. It has served me well to store all my tools, spare parts, and misc off road...
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    2004 TJ Rubicon - Supercharge, Turbo or Sell/Trade?

    What gearing do you have? You will get more bang for the buck out of putting lower gears into the axles. Turbo / supercharging is very expensive and you would potentially lose long term durability / reliability of the 4.0. Buying a newer 4 door JK isnt going to improve your power to weight...
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    JK Wrangler 3.8l vs 3.6l Pentastar

    When I bought my 2012 JK new, I also drove leftover dealer new 2010 and 2011 JK's around the same time. I felt there was a substantial difference between the older 3.8 and the new 3.6 Pentastar in overall power, smoothness, and driveability. Enough of a difference that to me it was worth...
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    The Brute Rebuild / Refurb / Rehab Thread

    overheating troubleshooting On your overheating problem, it is easy to isolate the cause of overheating by looking at the temperature differential across the radiator. By design, a normal cooling system will have about an 8 to 15 deg F (5 to 8 deg C) temperature drop across the radiator with...
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    Jeep and the Computer

    If remote hacking is the concern, then that would only apply to some vehicles approx 2007 and newer with CAN bus network communication combined with a wireless communication device which provide would provide access to that CAN bus. My 2012 JK does not have any of the connectivity options so is...
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    Vintage Jeeps

    I love that little tan CJ3B! Thanks for sharing these! You've also gotta love all the drip pans complete with oil puddles. Old Jeeps definitely mark there territory!
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    Largest tire size for stock (no lift) 83 CJ5

    CJ's do have a bit more tire room that the YJ's due to the CJ's taller height, bigger wheel openings, and narrower spring width. '72 - '83 CJ5's can fit slightly larger tires than older CJ5's too due to the AMC body and chassis changes in '72. What gear ratio do you have in your '83? Some of...
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    Largest tire size for stock (no lift) 83 CJ5

    I owned a '79 CJ5 for many years and have been around and worked on many other AMC-era Jeep CJ's, and that size fits fine on the stock suspension and wheels. I think it was a factory option for some years, but I could be wrong. '76-'83 are all identical in regard to suspension since there were...