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    '98 4runner OME Springs and Bilstein 4600 shocks?

    Is there any reason I can't run OME lift springs with the Bilstein 4600 series front struts that I already have on my '98 4runner? OME info says their springs can't be used with the stock struts but the Bilsteins are quite a bit longer so I think they are no different than the OME struts...
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    Bilstein front shock lower bushings

    I replaced the front upper ball joints on my '98 4runner this past weekend, and noticed that my front lower shock bushings are shot. These are Bilstein BE5-2450 4600 series shocks. Where can I find new bushings? Are the OEM bushings the same as the Bilstein? Thanks!
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    98 4runner front spring recomendations

    I recently bought a '98 4runner SR5 and I am looking for recommendations for new front springs. I've searched a bit but have not found the info I'm looking for. The previous owner put a 1.25" Daystar strut spacer lift with Bilstein 4600 shocks in the front and 1.5" Daystar spacer lift with...
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    2012 JK Coolant dripping onto front axle

    On my 2012 JK, I noticed engine coolant dripping onto the front axle from the overflow tank spout right above it when we were out exploring in the mountains a couple of weeks ago. The coolant level in the overflow tank was a bit too high and sloshing out the spout. I also noticed that the...
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    air filter options

    My 2012 Wrangler has spent time on some quite dusty backroads in Utah over the last few years. Everytime I check / replace the air filter, there is a very fine coating of dust on the clean side of the airbox and intake piping. It would appear that the OEM paper filter media just cant keep up...
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    CODesertRat 2012 Wrangler JK

    I figure I ought to introduce myself. Here's our (my wife and I) 2012 Wrangler that we use for exploring Colorado and southern Utah. We've been doing this for a long time with a number of different rigs (IH Scouts, Nissans, Jeeps), and we were finally in a position to buy a new 4x4 a few years...
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    2012 Wrangler cylinder head failure

    The check engine light came on again on my Wrangler (29K miles) over the weekend with a P0300 fault (multiple cylinder misfire), this was the 3rd time in the past couple months. I had hooked up my laptop and cleared the fault code previously as there were no other symptoms, but on this 3rd...
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    2012 Wrangler factory service manual

    Howdy fellow Jeepers, I'm a long time lurker on this great site, but haven't participated much. I've now got a question that I cant seem to find the answer for. I've had a factory service manual for every one of the dozen or so 4x4 vehicles (Jeeps, IH Scouts, Nissans, Toyotas) Ive owned in...