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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Gary thanks you for these pictures and update!!
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    Thank you, this is very helpful to help estimate total height of slide in camper, flatbed, and mods. Not necessarily, I can't estimate total height without a truck with mods, or estimating others based off their heights/camper heights. Lord knows we don't need anymore Karen's in the world...
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    2020 Ram 5500 DIY Composite Panel Camper Build Thread

    What is the height from top of frame rail to ground when aired to ride height? I think I've seen it somewhere in the 35 pages but can't find it now. I don't think this was covered, or I missed it. Why did you have to move your forward axle 1in forward? To keep the same steering angle, or to...
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    Sale Pending! Award winning f550 based full custom camper, a lifting roof Earthroamer on steroids. $225k

    MSN autos picked up the advertisement as well. Just had it come up on my suggested feed. Bump for an awesome build. Wish you offered owner financing!
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    Isolating Vibrations from chassis through subframe to camper box

    I'm currently in the stages of designing a sub frame to fit a BAE M1088 chassis, extended 36inches. I've contacted a few subframe vendors and/or fabricators of subframes, but want to collect further opinions here before choosing someone. What are the best techniques to isolate vibrations from...
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    Subframe & Camper Box leveling while parked

    Hey All, Hope everyone is doing well. I've begun building a expo rv based of a 2001 BAE m1088 chassis. Once the build gains momentum past the standard items I'll start a build thread, although I'm not great at write ups--I'll try my best. As I begin to piece everything together, I have a few...
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    Possible new supplier of fiberglass composite panels to North America

    Depending on cost per panel, I for one would be interested. Would be great to see costs and lead times vs. glassing my own panels from foam core, as this would save a lot of time to focus on the guts of the camper.
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    Payload Weight and MPG's

    Workerdone- I agree, and certainly will strive to design a light camper. I suppose I was looking for any comparisons someone may have done on different loads, tested over x miles with constant conditions. IE: If a f450 or ram 4500 with a full size lance camper could do a 10 mile highway section...
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    Payload Weight and MPG's

    I'm 3 months in on designing a camper build, similar in size to an Earthroamer. I plan on using a Ram 5500 crew cab chassis, and will extend the frame by approximately 2ft. Dimensions are not final, but the Earthroamer XV-LTS is the closest comparison so far. In designing the build materials...
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    Subframe Designs

    Hey All, Hope you are doing well. Yahoo for post #1! I am in the early-mid stages of planning a pickup camper. Similar in size to Earthroamer, or the UXV (of GXV). I've read several posts on 3 & 4 point mounting systems, read the Ecoroamer build and saw Jay Shapiro's take on it, and also...